Why the Coleman Go Kart KT196 is the Perfect Way to Get Started in Karting

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If you want to race, karting is the way. It’s affordable, and people of all ages may take part. Karting is a great way to get in the racing groove or set the foundation for a professional career. It would be best to take the time to pick the ideal kart from among the various options available. Whether you go with a go-kart or a mini bike will depend on your skill level, available funds, and ultimate objectives.

When you’re ready to dive into the exciting karting world, the Coleman Go Kart KT196 is the way to go. It’s a sturdy kart that won’t break the bank and comes fully equipped with all the essential safety measures you’ll need to get the ground running. The KT196 is ideal for new pilots since it is easy to fly, has a forgiving learning curve, and is exciting enough to keep experienced pilots interested.

Features of Coleman Go Kart KT196

Coleman go-karts, like the KT196, are among the finest available. Longevity is ensured with the Coleman KT196-S Blue Go-Kart. Featuring a solid engine and heavy-duty frame, the KT196-S will last for years of family off-road adventures. The Coleman Powersports KT196 is packed to the gills with convenient extras.

  • 4-Stroke Gasoline Engine
  • 196cc Displacement
  • 330-pound Cart Weight
  • 400-pound Maximum Rider Weight
  • 4-inch Ground Clearance
  • 0.63-Quart Oil Capacity
  • Unleaded 87+ Fuel Type
  • Size (inches): 68″ x 44″ x 47″

Best Things about Coleman Go Kart KT196

Anyone in the market for a high-quality go-kart should consider the Coleman Go Kart KT196, loaded with kart parts and amenities. The Coleman KT196 has several great features, including those listed below.


Every racer may succeed with the Coleman KT196 since it is a robust off-road go-kart. It’s a joy to drive and excels at providing hours upon hours of adrenaline-pumping excitement.


It has a 1-cylinder, 4-stroke, overhead valve (OHV) engine, one of its outstanding qualities. Its 196cc displacement and 6.5 horsepower output ease, it can handle almost any terrain. The kart’s engine is housed at the back and shielded by a steel chassis. A torque converter links the machine directly to the live rear axle.

Fuel & Oil Tank

The pull-start on the Coleman Powersports KT196 increases its usability, and the engine’s low fuel consumption makes it ideal for recreational use. This go-kart is well-suited for off-road go racing thanks to its powerful engine and high speed of 15 miles per hour. Fuel capacity is 0.95 gallons (3.6 litres), and it operates best on unleaded 87+ gasoline. There is room for 0.63 quarts of oil in the go-tank, and it performs best with SAE10W-30 or SAE10W-40 motor oil (0.6 litres).


A torque converter, or continuously variable transmission (CVT), is used in the go-kart. This gearbox can change the gear ratio automatically based on the engine’s rpm.

Build Quality

The Coleman KT196 is well made, with a sturdy frame and high-quality, durable materials.


The go-structure karts are fashioned from thick steel to ensure their durability. Using metal provides the driver’s safety and protects the kart’s internal mechanisms. The roll cage further improves the structure, guaranteeing that the driver is always protected. In off-road racing, where rollovers are more common, roll cages are essential for safety.

Ground Clearance

This go-kart is ideal for off-roading and has a generous 4″ of clearance. This allows it to navigate uneven surfaces without risking harm to its undercarriage. Furthermore, the wheelbase of the kart is also extensive at 50″, which helps it to stay stable even at more incredible speeds.


There are four sturdy tyres available, each one built for specific conditions. They’re big, grip well, and last a long time. Both their speed and durability make them ideal for off-road competition. The tires in front measure 145/70-6, while those in the back are 16×6-8.


The KT196 go kart is a child’s dream car because it’s easy to operate. Designed with the driver in mind, every control is within easy reach. What follows is a breakdown of the parts involved in handling.


Coleman Powersports KT196’s ergonomic steering wheel is a throwback to the classic form of ATVs. Given that the kart’s steering column is on the driver’s left, the vehicle’s standard driving position is to the rider’s left. Kids may need a little time to adjust to this driving mode, but they’ll catch on quickly compared to driving single-seater go-karts.

Accelerating & Braking

The KT196 is gas-powered and has a brake pedal on the driver’s side. This off-road go-kart also benefits from highly efficient hydraulic disc brakes, which bring it to a stop almost instantly.


The KT96’s cushioned seats, independent suspensions, and pneumatic tyres make for a relaxing drive.


The Coleman KT196 is a two-seater go-kart, so you can bring along a friend to enjoy the thrill of off-road racing. Both front and rear passengers will appreciate the cushioned seats, which are a welcome addition for lengthy trips and rough terrain. As a bonus, this go-kart’s width provides a smoother and more relaxing ride.

Suspension & Tires

Each of the four low-pressure tyres contributes to dampening and a comfortable ride. Because of the softer tyres, you can quickly drive the kart off-road, and you won’t have to worry about the pain of solid bumps while going over any terrain.


Because the target demographic for the Coleman KT196 includes adults and younger people, the emphasis on development was on ensuring the product was safe for use. The roll cage is the primary safety feature of the design. The frame and roll cage are constructed of solid steel to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers. In addition, the seatbelts on this off-road go-kart have been upgraded to a more robust 4-point safety harness. Safely strap yourself and your passengers into your seats with this harness.


Racer in helmet pushing a go kart car, karting

The Coleman KT196, with its blue and red colour scheme, appears like a genuine off-road go-kart. It may lack flair, but its purposeful form and gritty look make it well suited for off-road competition. The KT192 looks like a simple off-road go-kart because of its metal frame construction and exposed elements, including the suspension, engine, and gearbox. With its racing car-inspired seats, this go-kart seems to be thoroughly equipped for outdoor use.

Additional Features

The KT196 also has a pull-start system, a rack for stowing items behind the seats, and padded bars on the roll cage. The cushioning makes it more bearable to lean on the metal bars even when temperatures soar. It also provides some protection in the event of an accidental bump.

There’s also a handy kill button for instantly turning the motor off, which is a pretty neat function. A push-start mechanism would have made starting the engine faster and easier. However, it is missing from this package.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Coleman KT196 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a safe and powerful off-road go-kart. Simple in design, it’s a good option for home usage. The Coleman KT196 is an excellent choice for the adventurer because of its robust engine and sturdy construction.

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