Where Are the Best Places to Enjoy Go Kart Racing in Chicago

Go-karting may be fun for the whole family, but prioritising safety is essential. Go-karting security depends highly on the event you’re participating in.

Go-karting is a sport that has a low risk of injury. However, it needs that participants drive safely and with restraint. The inherent dangers of a sport involving high speeds cannot be overstated. However, this may be reduced if sufficient precautions are taken.

Here are some options for family go-kart tracks:

Kiddie Tracks

Kiddie tracks, or tracks designed for children aged four to twelve, are relatively safe environments. The youngsters may safely go kart racing thanks to the low-powered go-karts and the circuit’s fences. Because of this, the go-karts will probably take more cues from bumper cars to ensure that even the most “aggressive” young drivers can’t harm their fellow participants.

Standard Tracks

These tracks with an enormous mainstream appeal inherit a greater danger. Tire barriers are often used in indoor go-karting to reduce the severity of collisions. Depending on the go-kart used, the chassis may be built so drivers cannot mount one another.


Competition Tracks

Full tracks, or competition tracks, are usually reserved for high-stakes competitions. Because of the high speeds involved and the predicted tight racing, these events often pose the most danger to adult karts and their drivers. As a result, races may provide ambulance service and require more stringent dri

ver safety gear. Again, it all boils down to the karts themselves.

Best Places to Enjoy Go Kart Racing in Chicago

Do you know that Americans staged the first car race in the United States in Chicago? On Thursday, November 28, 1895, the Chicago Times-Herald Race was conducted. In 10 hours and 23 minutes, Frank Duryea covered 52.4 miles and won the event.

Chicago has a rich racing history, so the city has some fantastic go-kart courses. To choose your next racing adventure, look at the Top 10 Go Kart Racing in Chicago.

K1 Speed

I realize this may seem like a broken record. If you find yourself in Chicago, you should know there are not one but two fantastic places to go kart racing. As previously said, K1 Speed is the country’s best indoor electric go-kart track. K1 Speed is a significant reason Chicago is a go-kart racing hub.

K1 Speed is a crucial part of the Chicago go-kart scene. Two convenient sites are available: Buffalo Grove and Addison. Roughly the same distance from Chicago’s downtown.

You can race electric go-karts inside at K1 Speed. K1 Speed has created a fantastic service, with 55 courses in the United States. When running inside, nothing beats the thrill of an electric go-kart. The electric go-karts are quick, maneuverable, and challenging to drive.

A complete menu, including alcoholic beverages for those over the age of 21, is available. Once the day’s racing is over, you may unwind with an alcoholic drink. Massive events are often held at K1 Speed. Please inquire about the likelihood of a big group there when you plan to visit.

Kart Circuit Autobahn (KCA)

Kart Circuit Autobahn is another fantastic place to go-kart racing in Chicago. These go-karts are built on the CRG Centurion chassis. The gas-powered go-karts can achieve speeds of up to 55 mph.

The racing in Kart Circuit Autobahn feels identical to the real thing is a huge selling point for me. Every major national go-kart series is welcome to compete in this course. The go-karts provide the most authentic experience possible for the price.

There is a kart track at the Autobahn Country Club. In Chicago, kart racing is more than a hobby-a way of life.

Accelerate Indoor Speedway

Accelerate Indoor Speedway is a vital part of Chicago’s go-kart racing scene. These premium Italian-made electric go-karts have a whopping 20 horsepower. The go-karts that seem like they came straight out of Formula One are incredible. There are more attractions at Accelerate Indoor Speedway than the go-karts that visitors may enjoy. Activities abound in this setting. Food and drink are also in plenty.

There are plenty of things to do besides driving go-karts. There’s something for both the young and the old. When you’re done driving go-karts, you can relax and refuel at the on-site full-service restaurant. There’s an arcade set up just for the smaller ones. We have a fully stocked bar for senior citizens. When mum or grandpa becomes tired, they may take a break and enjoy a cold one. 

Concept Haulers Motor Speedway 

Concept Haulers Motor Speedway is another top-notch facility for go-karts. It’s a paved, half-mile circuit. The rental and racing setups are distinct. Design considerations may vary based on the event being held. For go-karts available for hire, the design is standard.

My favourite part is competing in the rental go-kart championships. The cost of participating in a go-kart race may quickly add up. You’ll need to invest in tires, engines, gasoline, components, and safety equipment. Concept Haulers Motor Speedway has you covered for go-kart racing in Chicago. This venue is a veritable playground for all ages.

Neon Summer Chicago 

Chicago is home to real-life go-kart racing. The city of Chicago offers a wide variety of exciting attractions. Incredible opportunities, all the same, in the metropolis. Nobody in Chicago ever thought about go-kart racing.

Springtime in the Age of Neon in Chicago’s nightlife, the city, is more like a seasonal pop-up bar. As summer approaches, they transform into their summer persona, Neon Summer. When it’s snowing, nobody feels like going to the go-kart races. Beyond the thrill of go-kart racing, Chicago offers various exciting attractions.

Electric go-karts are used at this facility, which bills itself as Chicago’s only outdoor go-kart track. It is a fun and easy go-kart adventure if you’re in the Chicago area this summer.

Haunted Trails Burbank (Family Entertainment Center) 

Haunted Trails Burbank is a “Halloween Themed” attraction open all year. One of the many fun things to do at Haunted Trails Burbank is riding the go-karts.

The go-karts are among the finest Chicago offers for family fun. They’re open for business from April through October. Most of the Chicago go-kart tracks prior recommended were more concerned with the competition than with the pleasure of the sport. 

In the Game Hollywood Park 

The trip to downtown Chicago takes around 45 minutes. In-game, Hollywood Park is a fun place to take kids. A track for electric go-karts is open to the elements. New and innovative, the go-karts are a blast to drive.

A ride costs just $8, which is the most excellent part. Considering the alternatives, it is a very reasonable price. Remember, however, that you usually get what you pay for. Many factors contribute to the higher pricing advertised by K1 Speed, Accelerate Karting, and others. You’ll have a more enjoyable time driving go-karts.

Play and Spin

Another fantastic family-friendly go-kart track is located just 15 miles from the heart of Chicago. Anyone in the Chicago region can easily reach Play and Spin, making it a top choice for a go-kart track.

It’s got a track that’s 6,000 square feet in size. There are seven other competitors in the race with you. The electric go-karts are a tonne of fun and pack a severe punch regarding torque. It would be best to be at least 54 inches tall to drive the go-karts. A single lap in the go-karts will set you back $10. Two-seater go-karts are available for taking the kids along.

Urban Air Adventure Park

There is a fantastic indoor go-kart track at the Urban Air Adventure Park. To round off your day at the trampoline park, spend money on a couple of go-kart rides.

Electric go-karts are driven on tracks that vary in layout and design throughout the United States. These go-karts have been customized with glow-in-the-dark undercarriage lights. Each circuit is illuminated in a different cool neon hue, creating a dazzling effect when combined with the light from the go-karts. The track’s multi-level layout promises exciting inclines and declines.

Go Kart Tracks for Kids in Chicago

We suggest two options if you’re searching for something more age-appropriate for more minor children. These circuits are in family-friendly amusement parks where everyone may enjoy a wide variety of attractions together.

  • The Haunted Trails Family Fun Center
  • Sugar Grove Family Entertainment Center

These are the best places to enjoy go-kart racing in Chicago. They offer a variety of tracks and karts to choose from, as well as plenty of other activities to keep you busy. So whether you’re a seasoned racer or a first-timer, you will have a great time at any of these locations.