What Makes Hammerhead Go Kart the Best Choice?


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Does your kid often ask when you’re going to take them to the go-kart track, or better yet, when they may have their ride? Go-karting is a great way to bring the excitement of racing into your backyard, and it’s enjoyable for the entire family. The youngsters will enjoy the outdoors while gaining valuable skills in vehicle management and safety on off-road tracks. You’ll feel the thrill of victory as you race around your own motorsports park, with challenging twists, muddy puddles, and exciting obstacles.

The Hammerhead is the top pick for anybody looking for a go-kart for extreme racing or casual play. You can’t find a better feature/price ratio anywhere else; it’s that well-equipped. They are also incredibly cheap, giving them a fantastic option for those on a tight budget. Because of its superior design, it’s easy to understand why Hammerhead go-karts are the top pick.

What Makes Hammerhead Go Kart the Best Choice

Hammerhead makes a variety of go-karts for all ages and skill levels. They’ve taken a fresh approach to construct go-karts, fusing security and good looks to provide a vehicle your kid can be proud of while still enjoying all the thrills and spills they desire. Since Hammerhead go-karts are both quick and easy to handle, they are often used in competition.

Racing around on a hammerhead go-kart is one of the most exciting ways to spend time. Do you realise, however, that these little automobiles also have advantages? Here are some of how Hammerhead go-karts excel above their competitors.


All the karts in the Hammerhead family come standard with three- or five-point harnesses for the occupants’ security. When things get rough, roll cages protect your kid’s head, arms, and legs from harm. Speed and throttle controls let you dial down the fun until your youngster develops the maturity to drive safely.


Hammerhead has quickly established itself as an industry leader because of its commitment to technological innovation and high-quality products. How does it affect your brand-new go-kart for fun? It implies that the hammerhead dealers provide more than just sales; they also do repairs and upkeep. Therefore, I am fully supporting go-karts.

Heart-Racing Excitement

Hammerhead go-karts will undoubtedly be a good time. Our GTS Platinum is equipped with a powerful 149cc air-cooled four-stroke engine with industry-leading gas performance shocks. The force that these karts can provide will wow you.


Given the extensive equipment in these go-karts, it’s reasonable to assume that their price tag will be in the several thousand dollar ranges. You won’t find these unique additions on any other karts except Hammerheads. A long list of optional extras includes performance shocks, digital speedometers, 12-volt outlets, aluminum wheels, and more.

What Are the Best Models of Hammerhead Go Karts for 2022?

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The Hammerhead go-kart is one of the various varieties of go-karts available, and it’s quickly gaining in popularity. Hammerhead go-karts are well-known for their innovative style and top-tier functionality. So, what are the best models of Hammerhead go-karts for 2022?


The latest model in Hammerhead’s lineup is the LE 150. This kart has everything, from high-tech LED lighting to a sophisticated dashboard to a newly designed brush guard. The LE 150 offers a sizable storage compartment beside the usual fare of a 150cc oil-cooled engine, manual-choke start, and Hammerhead shark-tread CST tires.

GTS Platinum™

The Hammerhead GTS 150 Platinum Edition combines the eye-catching design of our standard GTS 150 with innovative amenities like nitrogen gas shocks and brushed aluminum wheels. It is the only production go-kart featuring high-performance shocks so drivers can keep up with the competition even in the roughest off-road terrain.

GTS 150™

With more standard features than the competition, the Hammerhead GTS 150 is the most popular 150cc go-kart in the United States. The GTS 150’s most notable features are a speedometer, an adjustable steering wheel, and individual bucket seats with 5-point safety belts. It also has a distinctive body design with wraparound side panels.


If you need a light-duty utility vehicle for usage around the lake home or on the property, go no further than our Hammerhead R-150. The R-150 has a sleek design on the outside and a roomy inside. Regarding durability, craftsmanship, and comfort, there is simply no more reasonably priced UTV available. As of right now, you may purchase an R-150 in your choice of three different colours: black, blue, or red.

HH Torpedo®

Even though it’s our smallest vehicle, the Hammerhead Torpedo packs a massive punch for kid-friendly entertainment. The Torpedo has an LCT pull-start engine that is 208cc and produces 6.5HP. Thanks to its adjustable pedals and throttle governor, the Torpedo is a fantastic first go-kart for kids aged six and above.

Mudhead® 208R

A step up from the Torpedo, the Hammerhead MudHead 208R is our newest offering in the juvenile market, and it comes in no less than six different hues. The MudHead 208R has a 208cc (6.5 HP) LCT electric-start engine with a manual choke for easy cold starts. Along with the throttle governor, LED headlights and an adjustable driver’s seat is also included in the standard equipment.

The HH Torpedo is an excellent choice for families with kids aged 6-10 who have never driven an off-road vehicle before. The bigger Mudhead 208R is the superior choice if your children are older than ten and have some experience driving off-road vehicles. If your kids are far enough apart in age, however, you can get away with having both.

If you want your heart beating and your adrenaline flowing, the Hammerhead go-kart is your best bet. The Hammerhead go-kart’s impressive engine and stylish appearance will further enhance the attention you get and the impression you make. So, the Hammerhead go-kart is the best choice if you want to race to the finish line every time.

Here at Carrick Indoor Karting, we have various go-karts based on your expertise and the level of fun that you are looking for. Take your ride and enjoy our tracks.