What Is the Fastest Go Kart?

Go-karts are racing vehicles with a reputation for being lightweight, moving quickly, and speeding up fast. But not every go-kart is the same. They move quickly, but how quickly is quick?

If you were wondering, the Daymak C5 Blast is the world’s fastest go-kart. This go-kart speeds up faster than a Formula 1 car, reaching 60 mph in under 1.5 seconds. It’s fast, even if you don’t exactly get how fast that is.

The Daymak C5 Blast outperforms many competitive racing cars, such as an F1 car, a MotoGP bike, and a supercar. Twelve potent electric motors propel it—a vast 2.4 kWh Lithium Panasonic battery and 12 x 5000mAH batteries power these motors.

Let’s look at this incredibly quick go-kart in greater detail! But first, let’s find out who created this unique idea.

About the Company Behind it

The Daymak C5 Blast is redefining what the term “fastest g -kart” means because of its quick acceleration, especially considering that the fastest kart on record achieves 0-60 mph in over one second longer—2.6 seconds—than the C5 Blast.

The Toronto-based business Daymak is the manufacturer of the C5 Blast. Over 150 merchants receive the Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) they produce, manufacture, and distribute.

They produce over 50 different electric vehicle models and innovate steadily. Since its founding in 2002, the business has received many honors, including The Clean Tech North American Award.

Daymak wants to dominate this market for automobiles and entirely get rid of CO2 emissions. The C5 Blast is proof of what is possible with electric vehicles, especially go-karts, in terms of speed.

Daymak C5 Blast

What exactly is the Daymak C5 Blast, then? In a nutshell, it is currently the quickest electric go-kart in the world. The kart is still in its early stage, but it is still outpacing the previous record holder.

The Daymak C5 Blast can speed up from 0 to 60 mph in only 1.5 seconds, which is over one second faster than the kart that the Guinness Book of World Records currently lists as the world’s fastest. It is faster than any supercar or superbike that has ever been produced.

And the business won’t stop there. With its later iterations, they intend to make their go-kart even faster. To make the kart “float like the Star Wars land speeder,” the manufacturer has this insane but brilliant notion of making it lighter and faster.

But for the time being, they have developed the C5 Blast. Let’s examine the features, functionality, cost, and design in more detail.


The kart’s Ultimate variant can only attain these extreme speeds. It has 12 Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) motors and a 10,000-watt liquid-cooled motor. These eight 120mm-diameter EDF motors work together to produce a 96-kilogram upward thrust. The remaining 140mm-diameter EDF motors are located at the back, making 60 kg of forwarding push together.

The weight of this kart drops from about 200 kg to about 100 kilograms when the EDF motors are activated. Weight reduction makes record-setting acceleration and speeds possible.

There is also a Regular version of this go-kart with just one motor for individuals who don’t need or desire all of the speed. This model cannot travel as quickly as the EDF model, but it travels incredibly quickly for its requirements!


This kart excels at high speeds. So how quickly is quick? The Daymak C5 Blast Go-EDF Kart’s version can go from 0 to 60 mph in 1.5 seconds, and they will probably be able to do it even faster. The regular kart version speeds up from 0 to 60 mph in the same 3.9 seconds. The Regular version is undoubtedly swift off the line since this is still faster than many professional go-karts on the market.


The fastest go-kart in the world wouldn’t make much sense if it didn’t look attractive, would it? Fortunately, the Daymak C5 Blast doesn’t let you down and displays its strength in a very stylish manner. The kart has a very sophisticated and aggressive appearance thanks to the use of matte and glossy black paint over the entirety of its exterior.

A silver seat is added, creating the perfect contrast with the dark chassis. The way the EDF motors are shown is the most remarkable aspect of the kart’s design. These are the main attraction because two are on each side of the driver’s back.

These are pretty different from the rest of the body due to their dazzling gold hue. These components and the C5’s skilfully constructed curves offer the ideal balance of minimalism, flair, and aggression.


Daymak is asking $59,999 for the C5 Blast Ultimate in case anyone wants to check it out for themselves. That is significantly less expensive than the $89,975 Ariel is asking for the Atom 3S in the United States and the almost $88,000 KTM is asking for the X-Bow. But if the cost is too high for you, Daymak also offers the C5 Blast Standard, which is less expensive.

Although it only costs $9,999, it accelerates considerably more slowly than its Ultimate counterpart, taking 3.9 seconds. However, it’s only a matter of semantics in this case because it will make your stomach turn with that amount of time.

Daymak C5 Blast Is Not For The Weak Of Stomach

We know that the Ariel Atom, BAC Mono, and KTM X-Bow aren’t comparable to the Daymak C5 Blast Ultimate in terms of speed, but bear with me while we compare these three races to the go-kart.

By the time the Atom 3S and Mono track vehicles reached 60 mph, the C5 Blast Ultimate would already devour a few fries due to its incredible rate of acceleration. Especially for a car as exposed to the weather as this go-kart, those insanely high speeds are on the verge of becoming terrifying. View it, please. When you lose control of the vehicle, there are no roll cages to protect you. To prevent the go-kart from being entirely uncontrollable, it contains hydraulic rear disc brakes.

Take Away

It is, in a nutshell, the quickest electronic go-kart on the market right now. Despite being in the alpha stage, the kart is still faster than the previous record holder. It is produced by the electric vehicle manufacturer Daymak and is known as the C-5 Blast. Although it’s expensive, it was worth it. For all racing aficionados, it is the best alternative.