What Is the Best Razor Electric Go Kart So Far?


Go-kart racing is a well-liked activity for competitive enjoyment at pro tracks and fun zones. You can now bring the thrilling home with the Razor electric-powered Razor Ground Force Drifter. A smooth ride is provided by the race-tuned chassis, strong steel frame, and incredibly slick rear wheels. With the rear axle’s enhanced steering and mobility, kids can power slide around turns. You can also make quick 180-degree turns called fishtails.

Drivers may ride at various speeds while drifting thanks to the hand-operated brake and thumb-trigger acceleration control. This Razor Ground Force Drifter is an electric-powered force to be reckoned with, reaching speeds of up to 12 miles per hour.

All About Razor Ground Force Drifter

The Razor Ground Force Drifter is a thrilling and fantastic drifter kart. A 24-volt electric motor with 250-watt output power this go-kart. This engine is relatively safe for children and teens, but adults can also appreciate it as it may be on the lower end of the output range for electric karts.

It travels at a top speed of 12 mph (19.3 km/h), which is around four to five times the average speed at which people walk. The rear wheels of this drifter kart are made of a polyoxymethylene polymer (POM), making it possible to drift when you spin the steering wheel firmly.

The battery is big enough to last 40 minutes on a full charge. Variable speed is possible thanks to the speed controller, and the steering wheel’s mounted thumb-trigger acceleration controls.

Fun drifting go-karts like the Razor Ground Force Drifter are available and appeal to older children and teens, young people, and even adults. The maximum load for this go-kart is 140 lbs, though (63.5 kg).

Build Excellence

The Razor Ground Force Drifter has excellent build quality. This go-kart’s components are held together by a strong steel frame. The two molded front wheels are solid rubber, while the back wheels are constructed of polyoxymethylene (POM), making drifting simple and comfortable.

The handbrake and thumb accelerator on the U-shaped steering wheel are similar to those of a standard bicycle. Due to upgrades, the rear axles now allow more mobility than earlier models. It has also been remarked that the parts aren’t as stiff as they formerly were.

The driver is securely restrained with a small bucket seat fastened to the frame with a seat belt. The go-battery kart and motor are located at the back and are mounted to the vehicle.

The Razor Ground Force Drifter is generally well built because it was created with drifting. This necessitates that it be lightweight while giving the driver more safety and mobility. Even if it’s possible to argue that some parts aren’t of the most excellent quality, they can be replaced and should be more than adequate for routine use.


A 24-volt electric motor at the back of the vehicle powers this go-kart. Its 250 watts of output are sufficient for a lightweight drifter kart. You may easily update the engine to a greater wattage if you want to boost the production of this go-kart or anticipate it carrying a bit more weight. To ensure smooth operation, remember to match the voltage.

The electric motor is chain driven, which means a drive chain connects it to the back axle. The chain has 28 links and is number 25. Make sure you understand how to modify the chain size if you wish to upgrade to a larger engine.


At the back of the device are two batteries protected by a plastic cover on the Razor Ground Force Drifter. These lead-acid batteries have a 7Ah rating and are rechargeable. This gives the go-kart a 40-minute operating time after a full charge. A battery charger is also provided; it takes roughly 12 hours to charge the battery fully.

It is well known that these lead acid batteries don’t have the best longevity. The default batteries can be readily replaced with a fresh set, or you can upgrade them to roughly 9Ah, which would last about 20% longer.


Directly attached to the steel frame, the steering column is reasonably strong. A steering wheel with a U shape is used for steering. After the kart had been tested, it became apparent that the steering wheel was parallel to the frame. This implies that it might be a little uncomfortable for larger riders.

The hand brake, which has the same appearance and functionality as a standard bicycle brake, is next to the steering wheel’s left side. A thumb-operated accelerator is located on the right side of the steering wheel. Your kart will drive forward if you depress a button to accelerate.

It’s simple to get used to and straightforward about how to steer and navigate—accelerating and making a quick turn to either side of the steering wheel causes drifting. The steering and drifting system may require a few tries to get used to, but once you do, it’s straightforward to master. Even though the operating position is elevated, an adjustable steering position would have been preferable.


It makes sense that the drifter kart’s goal would be to make the machine as light and secure as feasible. Although the bucket seats don’t provide the most comfort, they do an excellent job of keeping the body firmly in place.

Since most go-karts lack suspensions, the Razor Ground Force Drifter provides a somewhat rough ride. In drifting, the rear tires are a little firmer, and the front tires’ rubber compound helps to absorb some of the stress. As expected for a drifter kart, comfort is not the focus of this go-kart. The ride wasn’t uncomfortable per, but it was stiffer than usual.


Its controlled top speed of 12 mph makes it exceedingly unlikely that this go-kart would flip over or injure anyone. However, when riding, cyclists should always wear a helmet. The bucket seats keep the driver in the middle of the go-kart when drifting. This is crucial because the rider will instinctively try to go outward due to the centrifugal force.

A seat belt fastened to the rear of the seat and wrapped across the front of the driver serves as an additional measure of safety. This three-point seat belt ensures the rider is securely fastened to the middle using a buckle mechanism on the right side.

Once the thumb is removed from the accelerator button, the Razor Ground Force Drifter’s acceleration likewise immediately stops. The hand-operated brake is situated on the left side of the steering wheel, and the driver can engage it if the need for a rapid halt arises.


The Razor Ground Force Drifter excels in this situation. Drifting in this go-kart is so much fun. The beautiful thing about it is that after a few tries, the steering becomes instinctive, and mastering the drifting methods is quite simple.

You may perform two different sorts of drifts with this go-kart. The first approach entails turning the steering wheel to one side after accelerating through a bend. Your kart will drift sideways around the counter due to the rear wheels swinging out. Using counter steering tactics, you can turn gently through the entire arc and align back onto a straight path.

The second method entails completely locking your steering wheel to one side. Your go-kart spins 180 degrees, and you can pick up speed in the opposite direction.

Children, teenagers, and adults can all use the Razor Ground Force Drifter because it is so simple. As a result, it may be enjoyed as a family activity and enjoyable for individuals.

Take Away

Kids 8 years old and older, teenagers, young adults, and adults can enjoy the Razor Ground Force Drifter, a fantastic drifter kart. After reviewing it and considering everything, we can say that it has good build quality and excellent mobility. Although the battery’s longevity is its most obvious weak point, it is advised to either replace them or upgrade them to a larger, longer-lasting unit.

Nevertheless, the enjoyment factor of these drifter karts is unmatched. The go-kart is straightforward to maneuver and drift, and even young children can pick it up after a few tries.

While riding in a go-kart is much more fun for one person, the experience is considerably better with the whole family. Kids can safely operate it thanks to its controlled speed, safety belt, and bucket seat system. However, it’s always advised to use a helmet when riding a bike