What is a Hoverboard Go Kart?

It will please you that you can convert your hoverboard into a hoverboard kart if you enjoy go-kart racing and self-balancing scooters like hoverboards. A hoverboard kart is essentially a hoverboard with a go-kart adapter added to it so it may function as one.

The external component, also known as a conversion kit, installs on top of your hoverboard and transforms your self-balancing scooter into a hoverboard go-kart or a hoverboard kart.

Recently, there has been an increase in hover karting, which is much more fun. It’s a creative approach to include the go-karting experience into a more traditional lifestyle without traveling to a go-kart race circuit. Hoverkarting is fantastic because it only needs a straightforward and reasonably priced addition. Riders of various ages and heights can also enjoy it.

Segway Ninebot Hoverboard Attachment

The best hoverboard go-kart attachment on the market is the Segway Ninebot Hoverboard Attachment. A quick-to-install kit effectively transforms your hoverboard into a real go-kart. Just three minutes are needed to complete the process. It offers a comfy and adjustable seat for children and adults between 4’3″ and 6’5″ heights.

Another fantastic feature is that mounting it to a Ninebot S hoverboard; provides a realistic go-kart racing experience. It also has a mechanical handbrake, redundant braking, and a solid and portable frame that even adjusts and manages several features of the go-kart hoverboard attachment with the help of an intelligent smartphone.

Additionally, several variations offer a total power output ranging from 2400W to 4800W. Just be sure to verify which variations come with a hoverboard. The Segway Ninebot Hoverboard Attachment is superior in every aspect!

Hover-1 Falcon Conversion Kit

It only takes two minutes with the Hover-1 Falcon Conversion Kit to convert your hoverboard into a hoverboard kart. Take the hoverboard out of the packaging, then use the Velcro fasteners to affix it to the rear. The fact that this adapter works with all hoverboard sizes is remarkable. Even the leg bar can be adjusted to fit riders of all heights, and it even has LED Turbo lights.

The individual handlebars are moved up and down to steer. The handlebars are cushioned and attached to the sides for enhanced comfort. The turning radius of your hoverboard kart is remarkable, and maneuvering it is straightforward. Anybody type can fit in the plastic bucket seat, and the sides keep you from tumbling out. It also has a fortress above the wheel at the attachment’s tip.

Overall, the HoovyKart is a high-quality and practical accessory that quickly transforms your hoverboard into a go-kart.

HYPER GOGO Hoverboard Attachment

If you want to experience real go-kart racing on your hoverboard, the HYPER GOGO Hoverboard Go Kart Attachment is a fantastic option. Everything required for transforming your hoverboard into an excellent go-kart is included.

You can benefit from a suspension system, shock absorbers, front and reverse acceleration with head levers, and even braking with built-in disc brakes with a quick and easy installation. The changeable frame of this hoverboard go-kart kit is yet another fantastic feature. This makes it easy for both children and adults to ride it!

The HYPER GOGO Hoverboard Go Kart Attachment kit, which quickly transforms your hoverboard into a go-kart, is a great option. Additionally, you can choose between three color options: red, black, and white.

EverCross Hoverboard Kit

Like the Hover-1 Falcon conversion kit, the EverCross Hoverboard Kit is rapid to install and works with any hoverboard between the sizes of 6.5″ and 10″ (16.5 cm to 25.4 cm). It is also sturdy and suited for all age groups because it can accommodate riders weighing up to 220 lbs (99.8 kg). The range of height adjustments is from 31″ to 44.5″.

The padded handlebars located on each side are used for steering. Although it is plastic and has a bucket shape, the seat is surprisingly comfortable. Riders of all heights can use this hoverboard conversion kit because its length can gradually change. Overall, a fantastic conversion kit! Finally, it comes in various designs, including a fantastic hip-hop color pattern.

YYAO Hoverboard Kit

A special hoverboard kart attachment is the YYAO Hoverboard Kit. It has two sizable ball-bearing wheels at the back and a steel frame. In this configuration, you sit upright on the seat and maneuver the vehicle directly with a handlebar.

Because it has bigger wheels and a higher seating position than the previous hoverboard go-kart attachments, the ride height is significantly higher. You’ll notice right away that this position feels much more natural while riding. The contoured, cozy seat has a bike-style design. Even better, the center is simple to disassemble and replace as needed with a different seat.

It is appropriate for any rider because it can support up to 400 lbs. and has a height range of 4.2 to 6.2 feet. Thanks to its foldable design, the YYAO Hoverboard kit is very convenient to pack and fun to race with.

ULIKEIT Hoverboard

A sturdy yet a portable piece of equipment called the ULIKEIT Hoverboard Seat Attachment instantly converts your hoverboard into a hoverboard kart. It is attached to the back of the kit using two Velcro straps and fits the majority of hoverboards.

The handlebars, which are positioned at the ideal height on either side, are used for steering. The central bar is gradually movable, and five distinct color options are available. This indicates that it is appropriate for riders of all ages and can support up to 220 lbs (99.8 kg).

The ULIKEIT Hoverboard Seat Attachment is a practical conversion kit that is easy to set up and fun for people of all ages.

KKA Hoverboard Kit

An incredibly simple-to-install hoverboard conversion kit is the KKA Hoverboard Kit. The attachment is already 80 percent completed; the remaining 20 percent needs to be fastened with bolts included in the owner’s manual.

This kit is mounted beneath the seating area using two Velcro straps and is suitable for hoverboards between 6.5″ and 10″ (16.5 cm and 25.4 cm) in size. In case the first Velcro strips become damaged over time, the kit also contains two extra Velcro strips.

This hoverboard kart kit’s length can be altered incrementally, making it appropriate for use by children, adolescents, and adults. Overall, the hoverboard go-kart kit is quick and simple.

Jetson JetKart 2.0 Attachment

A dual suspension system is included with the Jetson JetKart 2.0 Attachment and is installed on both sides. The spring suspension helps to absorb unwelcome shocks while ensuring a very comfortable ride on any terrain. The front tire is likewise substantial and crinkly. The hoverboard kart is nicely leveled as a result.

The bucket seat is very cozy and offers excellent lumbar support. Because of the somewhat high seating position and slightly too low steering handlebars, it is more difficult for taller drivers to control the hoverboard go-kart.

It also has several size modifications; however, because of the low-set handlebars, children and young adults are advised to use it.

Hiboy HC-01 Hoverboard Attachment

Another excellent conversion kit that turns your hoverboard into a hoverboard kart is the Hiboy HC-01 Hoverboard Attachment. Clamps make it easier to change the hoverboard kart attachment’s length. This indicates that you can precisely customize it to the size you desire rather than having to choose from a pre-configured setting.

It will be adored by both boys and females because it has several seat designs and four distinct colors! The front tire is large enough to be level with the hoverboard and is also made of rubber. Although it occasionally felt a little fragile, the front wheel was functional.

Hover-1 Ultra Hoverkart Kit

With the help of the Hover-1 Ultra Hoverkart Kit, you can quickly transform your hoverboard into a hoverboard kart. The excellent news is that the hoverboard comes with it! Additionally, it has a simple appearance and a plush seat. The back support can be adjusted up and down; however, the seat is pretty low.

The hoverboard kart’s length can be modified incrementally. Even on paved roads, the front wheel is relatively small and doesn’t absorb much force. Instead of just a standard bar, as you see on most other versions, the front has a footrest.

Although its lightweight design isn’t particularly feature-rich, it works well as a basic hoverboard go-kart attachment.

Take Away

The market is flooded with add-ons that can turn your hoverboard into a go-kart. I sincerely hope that the list and the buyer’s guide have enabled you to reduce your options and reach a more well-informed choice. Make sure you consider all of the factors that are essential to you. Glad karting!