What Determines the Price of A Go Kart

The price of a go-kart ranges from $2,500 to $15,000 most of the time. You should be aware, however, that there are many different kinds of go-karts and that the prices that are associated with these go-karts can range quite a bit.

For instance, the cost of a pedal go-kart designed for children can be as low as $150, while a high-end racing go-kart for adults can be as high as $10,000. You should know that there is a wide variety of costs involved. This is because a diverse set of factors determines the price of a go-kart.

Prices for go-karts can range anywhere from close to $150 to more than $10,000. What would you estimate the price of a go-kart to be? To give you an idea of the market, a go-kart’s price range is roughly between $1,500 and $2,000; however, the average price falls in the middle.

Variables Affecting the Price of A Go Kart

The price of individual components varies widely depending on the type of go-kart being built. The cost of a go-kart can be affected by several variables, some of which are listed below.


Many go-karts are available, and their prices vary accordingly because of their emphasis on speed, go karts designed for competition must be constructed from materials that meet FIA regulations. Since these components are more expensive, a go-kart’s price will rise. Cheaper alternatives to commercially available go-karts can be found in custom or homemade models, often constructed from recycled or inexpensive parts.


As less material is needed to construct smaller go-karts, they are typically less expensive than their larger counterparts. Go-karts have smaller engines because they weigh less and use less power than regular cars. Most of the price of a go-kart will likely be attributable to the engine.


There is a distinction between regular go-karts and high-performance go-karts used in races. Premium racing go karts can cost twice as much as their entry-level counterparts because they are made from lightweight composite materials. Carbon fiber or alloy steel like AISI-4130 are two examples of suitable materials.


The cost of a go-kart is primarily based on its many components. Go-karts increase in price proportionally to the number of parts needed to assemble them. Off-road go-karts come in various configurations, including independent suspensions, brake disks, extra seats, headlights, and storage racks. These off-road go-karts are more expensive than a basic model because they come standard with many more features.

How Much Does Each Go Kart Cost?

Prices for the various go-kart options vary. Go-karts come in multiple designs and styles, from pedal to hoverboard to homemade to off-road to racecar for adults. Let’s take a look at the price range of these go-karts.

Racing Go Kart Cost

Compared to your standard go-kart, racing go-karts feature a lot of high-tech upgrades. For obvious reasons—more expensive components and more powerful engines—they cost more than regular go karts.

Average Racing Go Kart

Costs can range from $3,000 to $5,000 for a go-kart designed for racing. Due to their mid-tier equipment, these go-karts are typically used in regional, national, and international competitions. The CRG KT2 and the BirelART AM29-S11 are two examples of mid-range racing go-karts. Some of these go-karts may not include an engine or tires but still cost within the range given above.

Professional Racing Go Kart

Professional grade go-karts for racing can cost upwards of $10,000. These top-of-the-line go-karts are commonly seen at international go-kart racing events. These cost significantly more than your standard go-kart but can still be found in the $5,000-$10,000 range.

Off-Road Go Kart Cost

Prices for off-road go-karts typically range from $1,000 to $2,000. Different models of off-road go-karts can be purchased for varying sums. The Coleman Powersports KT196 off-road go-kart is in the middle of the price range for 2-seater and 1-seater off-road go-karts. Get ready to drop $1,652.99 on this off-road go-kart.

An off-road go-kart can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands, depending on its size, quality, and materials. Larger off-road go-karts typically cost more because they have a more powerful engine capable of hauling a heavier load, more seats, a larger chassis, and a more robust frame. The price of more powerful off-road go-karts can reach $4,000.

Kid and Youth Go Kart Cost

Germany, Bavaria, Boy on pedal go kart with grandparents in background

Germany, Bavaria, Boy on pedal go kart with grandparents in background

Several varieties of go-karts are aimed squarely at younger drivers. There is a variety of kid-friendly racing go-kart categories available, each with its own set of features and specs but all at roughly the same price point. Off-road go-karts are typically just scaled-down versions of the adult version at a reduced price for children and teenagers.

Racing Go Kart

Mini, kid, and cadet kart all refer to the same type of racing go-kart scaled down for younger drivers. Due to their smaller size and less powerful engines, these go-karts are priced lower than the typical go-kart. Typically, go-karts designed for children and teenagers cost between $2,000 and $3,000.

Off-Road Go Kart

Single-seater, off-road go karts for kids and teenagers are typically about half a quarter the size of their adult counterparts. The engines in them are significantly smaller, and the vehicles are cheaper. Prices for children’s and teenagers’ off-road go-karts range between $600 and $1,200.

Homemade Go Kart Cost

On average, the cost of building a go-kart from scratch can range from $600 to $900. This is subject to the go-kart design and materials you choose.

There is a wide range in the size, style, and construction of homemade go-karts. You can construct a go-kart for as little as $100 or as much as several thousand dollars, depending on the materials you use. Check out the cost of building a go-kart guide I wrote for more information.

Hoverboard Go Kart Cost

To purchase a fully functional hoverboard go-kart, you should budget between $200 and $400. Hoverkarts, also known as hoverboards, require two parts to complete. For a good hoverboard, you can usually expect to pay between $150 and $250.

A hoverboard add-on or conversion kit can be purchased for around $50-$150. There are different kits, each with its own set of parts. Learn where to get your hands on the best hoverboard go-kart kits.

Pedal Go Kart Cost

Costing between $100 and $250, pedal go-karts are designed for young children. Several distinct models of pedal go-karts exist, each with its advantages. Some of these pedal go-karts may be slightly cheaper or more expensive than the average range, depending on the brand and features.