What Are the Best Electric Go Kart Motor

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Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Electric Motor for Go-Kart

There are a few factors to consider when comparing electric go-kart motors. Here is a list of considerations you must make:

  • Output and Power
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Compatibility
  • Components
  • Mounting
  • Price

You can get the best motor for your electric karts by thinking about these things beforehand.

What Are the Best Electric Go Kart Motor

We have compiled this list to aid your decision-making. It includes a list of the eight best electric go kart motors and a piece of shopping advice to assist you in making a selection.

Many electric motors are available, so picking the right one for your electric kart might be challenging. Each has advantages, and choosing the right one for your go-kart will mostly rely on design parameters.

3000 W Electric Go-Kart Motor Kit

With motors, the 3000 W Electric Go-Kart Motor is a true beast. This motor’s massive output of 3,000 watts makes it ideal for more extensive and powerful electric go-karts used in off-road racing. This brushless motor operates at 4,900 RPM and can handle 45 amps at 72 volts. It is durable and transmits much power to the back wheels.

Because its casing is made of aluminum, this electric motor weighs only 14 pounds. You may adjust the speed of the 3000 W Electric Go-Kart Motor, and its accompanying tools, hardware, and controller. These parts are simple to install and work well together.

The electric motor has a mounting plate already connected, and the included tools and accessories eliminate the need for you to go out and buy those things individually. This one is much superior to the other electric go-kart motors we tested. The excellent efficiency of this engine makes it ideal for adults or racing go-karts.

Mophorn 2000 W Electric Go-Kart Motor Kit

As the most powerful, highest quality, and most cost-effective option on our list, the Mophorn 2000 W Electric Motor Kit is our top pick for electric go-kart motors. This electric engine is not only robust and dependable but also comes with a wide range of accessories for your go-kart. A 2,000-watt brushless electric motor, a speed controller, a screw set, and wrenches are all included in this electric go-kart motor kit.

The motor of the Mophorn electric go-kart can provide 2,000 watts of power. It also has a maximum current of 42 amps and 60 volts. With a maximum RPM of 5,600, this motor is ideal for medium to heavy electric go-karts and guarantees a high level of productivity. The #8 chain may be used with the sprocket’s 11 teeth (8mm pitch).

Besides forwards, neutral, and reverse speeds, the speed controller includes a brake light, a lock, and a throttle. This electric go-kart motor kit is terrific since it comes with a speed controller, eliminating the need to search for a suitable controller separately. This item justifiably occupies the top slot on our list.

1800 W Electric Go-Kart Motor Kit

Our most refined electric go-kart motors list is rounded up with the 1800 W Electric Motor Kit. As its name suggests, this electric motor can propel any go-kart with a power output of 1,800 watts.

This brushless electric DC motor operates at 48 V and draws 32 A at full load. Incorporating the included speed controller into the system maximises the motor’s usefulness as a power source for an electric go-kart. It can reach a maximum speed of 4,500 RPM, making it ideal for off-road vehicles or go-kart races. Because of its high output, it is more suited to karts intended for teenagers and adults than to go-karts designed for younger children. A mount is already connected, so setting it up is a breeze.

An 8-tooth sprocket, designed to work with a #25 roller chain, is included with the 1800 W Electric Go-Kart Motor. The motor’s potency, adaptability, and construction are all noteworthy.

BestEquip 1600 W Electric Go-Kart Motor

For optimal performance, use the brushless BestEquip 1600 W Electric Go-Kart Motor. This motor’s total output of 1,600 watts places it firmly in the centre of the power spectrum and makes it ideal for go-karts of medium size. It has a lightweight and strong aluminum exterior.

And unlike a brushed electric go-kart engine, it produces very little electrical noise. The maximum RPM that can be reached by the BestEquip 1600 W Electric Go-Kart Motor is 3,900. If you want to manage the amount of power this motor outputs, you need to use it in tandem with a suitable speed controller.

This electrical motor requires 48 volts and 33 amps at full power. There are 11 teeth on the sprocket fastened to the drive shaft; this sprocket may be used with a chain size of #8 on a go-kart. The engine may be attached to your go-kart frame with the help of the included mounting plate. This electric go-kart motor is an excellent and high-quality middle-of-the-road alternative.

Electric Go-Kart Motor Power Voltage Current Speed Sprocket Teeth Compatibility
3000 W 3,000 W 72 V 45 A 4,900 RPM 11 large-sized go-karts various roller chains
Mophorn 2000 W 2,000 W 60 V 42 A 5,600 RPM 11 mid or large-sized go-karts #8 roller chain
1800 W 1,800 W 48 V 32 A 4,500 RPM 8 mid to large-sized go-karts #25 roller chain
BestEquip 1600 W 1,600 W 48 V 33 A 3,900 RPM 11 mid-sized go-karts #8 roller chain
Alpha Wheels 1000 W 1,000 W 48 V 20.8 A 3,000 RPM 11 small to mid-sized go-karts #25 roller chain
ZXTDR 800 W 800 W 36 V 29.2 A 3,045 RPM 11 small to mid-sized go-karts #25 roller chain
500 W 500 W 24 V 27.4 A 2,500 RPM 11 small-sized go-karts #25 roller chain
DC Gear 350W 350 W 24 V or 36 V 12.5 A 3,000 RPM 9 small-sized go-karts #410 roller chain

Alpha Wheels 1000 W Electric Go-Kart Motor

The 1000 W electric go-kart motor from Alpha Wheels is a good middle-of-the-road option for compact-to-midsize electric go-karts. Compact and lightweight at only 11.6 ounces, it’s easy to take anywhere. This motor can handle up to 20.8 amps of current at its maximum rated voltage of 48 volts.

This 11-tooth sprocket on the Alpha Wheels 1000 W Electric Go-Kart Motor shaft is designed to work with a #25 roller chain. It has a maximum rated speed of 3,000 RPM and delivers power smoothly and reliably. You can permanently mount two of these motors if your go-kart needs additional muscle. Also, a suitable speed controller is a must for this motor.

This electric go-kart engine is well made and looks great, thanks to its sleek black aluminum chassis. There are four holes in the engine mounting plate. You’ll need to use bolts to install the included mounting system to your go-kart frame.

ZXTDR 800 W Electric Go-Kart Motor

Another excellent option for electric go-karts is the ZXTDR 800 W Electric Go-Kart Motor, which is both inexpensive and powerful. This 36 V DC brush electric motor can reach up to 3045 RPM speeds at full throttle. This go-kart motor has a peak efficiency of just under 80% when operated at 36 volts, which is excellent for lightweight karts and high for a brushed electric motor.

This electric go-kart engine has a 9.9-pound weight and a rated current of 29.2 amps. The mounting bracket included with this engine makes it a breeze to attach it to your electric go-kart. The shaft is equipped with a sprocket that can accommodate a #25 roller chain and has 11 teeth.

The ZXTDR 800 W Electric Go-Kart Motor has a maximum torque of 2.3 Nm, making it suitable for compact and intermediate go-karts. Invest in a heavy-duty battery and a speed controller to get the most out of this electric motor for your go-kart.

500 W Electric Go-Kart Motor

This electric go-kart motor has lower rated power than the others on the list. The 500 W Electric Go-Kart Motor is an excellent alternative for child and kid-oriented go-karts because of its high reliability and low power consumption. It operates on 24 V DC and can handle up to 27.4 A of current.

This electric go-kart motor has a lower range of 500 watts of power and a rated speed of 2,400 RPM. It’s durable and robust because of the premium materials it’s made from. It may be a brushed electric motor, but it still performs well. The 11-tooth sprocket on the shaft is compatible with standard #25 chains.

As seen in the product picture, this motor comes with a mounting bracket and all the hardware and tools for installation. Finding a suitable speed controller is also recommended. The 500 W Electric Go-Kart Motor is a fantastic option for little go-karts.

DC Gear 350W Electric Go-Kart Motor

Compared to the other motors in our list of the best electric motors for go-karts, the DC Gear 350 W Electric Go-Kart Motor stands out as the smallest and has the lowest rated power. Not that this electric motor is terrible, though; rather, the contrary. It’s an excellent engine for go-karts, albeit it’s best suited to those with a lower horsepower. Most of the time, they are kid- and teen-sized go-karts.

There are two different models of this motor, one with a 24-volt rated voltage and the other with a 36-volt rated voltage. The maximum speed is 3,000 revolutions per minute, and the rated current is 12.5. A 9-tooth sprocket is included, and it may be used with a chain size of #410 used on many go-karts.

The DC Gear 350 W Electric Go-Kart Motor has a four-bolt mounting plate, like the other electric go-kart motors on our list. By doing so, we know the engine will be safely fastened in place. Four M6 bolts are required, but you’ll have to get them on your own since they’re not provided. The installation process is quick and straightforward, and you can obtain these parts quickly.


Think about how much power you’ll need, how much torque you want, and how fast you want to travel when selecting an electric motor for your go kart. Check whether the motor is compatible with the rest of your go-kart’s components. Finding a suitable electric motor requires thorough research.