Unique Go Kart Experience at Go Karts Plus

On the old site of the Great American Waterslide, Go Karts Plus has been operating for more than 25 years, during which time it has evolved from a modest two-track park to a wildly successful, diverse amusement complex. The first park was created 40 years ago and was situated on four acres, including just two go-kart tracks, bumper boats, kiddie land, a small arcade, and a miniature golf course. 

Today, Go Karts Plus has four go-kart tracks, bumper cars, blaster boats, the Python Pit Kiddie Coaster, the DISK’O’ thrill coaster from Italy, a more extensive arcade, and a brand-new mini golf course called Gold Rush Mini Golf, with an actual western wagon, water tower, and mine shaft.

Toddler Town, a free play area for children, has just been introduced. Go Karts Plus is the best place for the whole family to unwind and have a blast while in Williamsburg because it has entertainment suitable for all ages. It’s the ideal location for birthday parties or other celebrations and offers fantastic group discount arrangements. Come and enjoy a day of adventure filled with pleasure at Go Karts Plus. 

Williamsburg’s top family entertainment venue, Go Karts Plus, has been creating cherished family moments for over 30 years. It boasts 8 acres of rides and activities, so there is something for everyone. 

Parking and admission are always “FREE.” You pay as you go!

It’s More Fun at Go Karts Plus

Take a spin around their Figure 8, Indy, Euro, or Rookie track by fastening your seatbelt. Play their Gold Rush Miniature Golf Course and sink a hole-in-one or be the captain of your Blaster Boat. Bumper cars, the thrill rides, The Disk’O, the Python Kiddie Coaster, gemstone panning, a game arcade with rewards, a snack bar, and a free toddler play area are all available.

Go Karts Plus provides two practical methods, whether you come to ride and play on a few attractions or remain for the day. All-you-can-ride wristbands and new “Play & Ride” swipe cards are available all season long and may be used on the rides and in the arcade with the latest video games. A wide variety of coupons and daily specials are also available.

Go Karts

Indy Track

Put your seatbelt on! 

Put yourself in one of their brand-new karts and race around the high-banked oval circuit at the Indy Track. Both single-seater and double-seater karts are available on this circuit.


  • Drivers need to be at least 58 inches tall.
  • Eighteen credits per driver or wristband.
  • Children who are traveling as passengers must be at least 40 inches tall.
  • Two credits were given per wearable or passenger.

Figure 8 Track

GO! On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! 

Run the Figure 8 track against your rivals to the finish line. Racing around bends, over, and under a bridge will give you a rush.

Karts with one or two seats are available on this course.


  • Drivers need to be at least 58 inches tall.
  • Eighteen credits per driver or wristband.
  • Children who are traveling as passengers must be at least 40 inches tall.
  • Two credits were given per wearable or passenger.

Euro Track

On the European track, put the pedal to the metal!

The Euro Track, which has single and double-seaters, is a fantastic experience for intermediate drivers.


  • Drivers need to be 54 inches tall.
  • Fourteen credits per wristband or driver.
  • Children who are traveling as passengers must be at least 40 inches tall.
  • Two credits were given per wearable or passenger.

Rookie Track

You’re a Big Kid Now!

The Rookie Track is ideal for young racers to improve their driving talents. They’ll feel like “big kids” when they clutch the wheel of their race car and zoom around an oval course.


  • Drivers need to be at least 46 inches tall. There are only single-seater karts available.
  • Each driver or wristband receives 12 credits.

More Attractions, More Fun!

The Disk’O’

Dive, spin, and soar!

For all thrill seekers, the DISK’O is the ideal ride! You’ll feel weightless when riding on motorcycle-style seats on a massive disk.


  • Riders must be at least 48″ tall. Available only on single seats.
  • Each rider or wristband needs 14 credits.

Gold Rush Mini Golf

Place a Bet on It!

Test your skills as you navigate a thrilling adventure course with water towers, an authentic western wagon, a mine shaft, mine carts, streams and footbridges, and a 30-foot waterfall. You will stay cool in the summer with lots of shade trees. If you hole out on the final hole and the “Dynamite Shack” blows its top, you win a free game!


  • $10.00 or 20 credits for each player. (Only available at the main ticket window.)
  • Kids under three can play free with one of their plastic putters!

Blaster Boats

Have a Blast!

 Control a boat on your own that has a water gun so you can blast and spray other boaters. Sixteen fountains that could make the Blaster boat adventure even more wettish should be avoided.

A maximum weight of 450 pounds is allowed per boat.


  • Drivers must be a minimum of 46″ tall.
  • Each driver or wristband needs 14 credits.
  • Children need to be at least 36″ tall to ride as passengers.
  • Each passenger or wristband needs two credits to ride.

Bumper Cars          

Dodge, Swerve, and Bump!

Everybody loves the vintage bumper cars in the park. On this trip, it’s okay to swerve, dodge, and, of course, “bump” other motorists.


  • Drivers must be a minimum of 52 inches tall.
  • Per driver or wristband, each ride requires 14 credits.
  • A child must be 40 inches tall or taller to ride as a passenger.
  • Per passenger or wristband, the ride requires two credits.

Python Kiddie Coaster

Hold on firmly!

Do you want to challenge yourself to ride the Python Kiddie Coaster? You’ll be yelling for more after the initial drop and sharp curve.


  • Single riders are required to be at least 46 inches tall. 
  • For single riders or wristbands, the ride requires 14 credits.
  • Children traveling as passengers must be at least 36″ tall and accompanied by an adult chaperone who is at least 56″ tall. 
  • The ride takes two credits for passengers or wristbands.

Toddler Town

Climb, swing, and slide!

Turn your little ones loose and let them play and explore in a “FREE” toddler playground area. They will surely depart with a smile, a tunnel, swings, slide, stationary race car, water squirter, exploration learning panels, and a spring-ride motorcycle.


  • Children under the age of five are only allowed in this area. 
  • Adult supervision is necessary.

Gemstone Panning

Panning for fossils and precious stones!

The young and the aged will both enjoy gemstone panning. Use the screen-bottom panning tray and the water sluice to sift and expose gemstones and fossils you can take home after choosing a bag of mining rough.


  • The cost of mining rough ranged from $7 to $50 per bag.
  • Purchases should be made at the main ticket window.


Enjoy the Cutting-Edge Arcade!

The arcade is now open. The air-conditioned arcade, which has the newest redemption and video games, is the ideal location to unwind, enjoy refreshments, and win prizes.

 The arcade has something for everyone, thanks to crowd favorites like Mario Kart DX, Halo, Jurassic World, DC Comics, Marvel Avengers, Nerf Arcade, Big Bass Wheel, Air Hockey, Whack N’ Win, Ticket Cranes, Monster Drop, and Deal Or No Deal, as well as midway-style games like Down the Clown, Ring Toss, Bean Bag Toss, SkeeBall, Basketball Shoot-Out, and Lane Master.


  • The “Play & Ride” swipe cards let you play all games using credits.
  • Cards can have increments loaded on them that come with additional bonus credits.
  • More bonus credits are earned when you purchase more credits.