The Fun Never Stops in Wrentham Go-Karts

In Wrentham, Massachusetts, a brand-new entertainment complex that calls itself home to the world’s largest indoor, multi-level go-kart track has debuted.

The arena was unveiled last week by Supercharged Entertainment. The 80,000 square-foot go-kart track, an obstacle course themed after the hit television program “American Ninja Warrior,” a sizable trampoline area, and a 75-player arcade are its main draws.

The Supercharged Entertainment Venue, located in Wrentham, Massachusetts, debuted on June 13th. This incredible “one-stop” destination offers a variety of activities, including a gaming lounge and a Ninja Wipeout arena. However, the primary attraction—our magnificent Go-Kart Two-Track Multi-Level System—lies at the center of the entertainment. They are pleased to introduce The World’s Largest Indoor Multi-Level Go-Kart Track!

It is home to the world’s largest indoor, multi-level karting track on Route 1 in Wrentham and the first Ninja Wipe-Out arena of its sort.

About the Track

The experience for visitors is exceptional. When you explore other building attractions, it gets much better. The WOW effect begins to impact as soon as you reach the mezzanine and have a breathtaking view of the cutting-edge track system. The two tracks combine to create an incredible Supertrack that is more than 2445 linear feet long (745m).

On both tracks, the karts are identical. Thanks to our cutting-edge safety control technology, they can regulate the speed of each race heat.

The best track comes down to personal taste. The length of both courses is the same, yet each one offers a variety of difficulties to suit every skill level and demand for speed. Please schedule a race heat on either track or let us know which one you prefer.

With a karting attraction as its main draw, this venue is currently a strong force in the areas of Boston. Providence’s driving experience provides the customers with a high entertainment value and keeps them coming back, creating a high entry-level barrier for competitors.

With a ground floor length of 939 feet and a multi-level track length of 1506 feet, the track has a total lengtheight445 feet.

The June opening of Supercharged Entertainment has two-tiered courses. When merged, they create a single track with five height changes and an area of 80,000 square feet.

The Wrentham go-karts’ top speed satisfies industrial requirements. The experience at SuperCharged is distinctive, and the kart speed has met our two-quarter-mile, challenging circuits’ complex track designs.


This entertainment hub offers a variety of things; thus, there’s genuinely something for everyone. Electric indoor multi-level karting, a Ninja Wipe-out arena, an arcade, a redemption center, a restaurant, and a full-service bar are all available. Birthday celebrations, business gatherings, and private events can all be accommodated.

The 125,000-square-foot entertainment complex has plenty to offer for every family member. With the most extensive indoor multi-level karting circuit in the world, a completely original Ninja Wipeout course, fun trampolines, a huge gaming room with an excellent prize center, and much more!

Two specially created tracks that can be connected to form the 80,000 square-foot Supertrack are something that Supercharged Entertainment Wrentham Go-kart is delighted to offer! Come and feel the adrenaline of navigating our multi-level tracks while relaxing in our climate-controlled, zero-emission facility!

The enormous building also includes the Thirsty Beaver Hometown Pub & Grub, a self-described “pub-restaurant” that serves upmarket pub cuisine and 18 rotating craft beers.

The new arena contributes to the expanding Route 1 neighborhood and is close to Plainridge Park Casino and Gillette Stadium.

A race on the record-breaking track costs $25, but competitors must sign a waiver, be at least 15 years old, and be at least 4 feet 10 inches tall to participate.

The world’s largest indoor multi-level karting facility, Supercharged Entertainment, in Wrentham, Massachusetts, includes a cutting-edge Ninja Warrior Arena, a sizable arcade with a prize center, and great beer and food. We are the ideal site for your upcoming work outing, birthday, private event, and much more because we have something for everyone.

Go Karts

Your heart will race as you race around the most extensive indoor multi-level karting track in the world in zero-emission, all-electric karts. The facility has two extremely varied, multi-level circuits that present difficulties for drivers of all skill levels and ages.

The Wrentham go-karts offer a half-mile of exhilarating racing and will be used on special racing days. Race lap durations will reach two minutes here, four times faster than the standard track. Bring your loved ones, friends, coworkers, or rivals for the best racing experience.

The speed of the Wrentham go-karts satisfies industry requirements. The experience at SuperCharged is distinctive, and the kart speed has met our two-quarter-mile, challenging circuits’ complex track designs.

The best lap time wins the race because the races are set up. These racing heats each feature a challenging 7-minute driving experience. If you’re planning to buy a racing package, allow about 30 minutes for each racing heat.

Each driver must be at least four feet tall to 10 inches tall, safely operate all vehicle controls, and adhere to all safety regulations. There is no required minimum age. Each race lasts approximately seven minutes, and one run costs $25.

On 12 acres, SuperCharged Wrentham bills itself as the world’s largest indoor, multi-level karting track and entertainment complex.

The circuit is 80,000 square feet, and the 18-horsepower go-karts are all electric.

Inside the arena is a trampoline zone with open jump trampolines, extreme dodgeball, a slam dunk zone, tumble tracks, and a kid jump zone.

Take Away

The largest indoor go-karting track you will ever see is located in this enormous indoor facility, which only recently opened. It is well-run and operated with more safety precautions than ever. You will undoubtedly have a great time and be impressed by every aspect of the business, including the workers, the cleanliness, and the carts. You can choose your ability level for racing and pay $25 for one race or $60 for three. You are highly suggested.

Additionally, it would be best to visit the nearby bar, which offers practically all available meals. The sizeable adjacent arcade and the upper ninja warrior arena are great for kids. Excellent for a day that is rainy or snowy.