Race Your Way to Crofton Go Kart

Have you ever wanted to 1/2 miles? Then it would be best if you visited Crofton Go Kart Raceway. Crofton Go Kart Raceway has brightened in business for 30 years and offers a scaled-down Formula 1 race car on a 1/2 mile course with more than 20 spine-tingling twists.

With a thrilling half-mile course with over 20 turns and a grand Prix-style layout, Crofton Go Kart Raceway has been in operation for almost 30 years. For our visitors, its expertise and experience provide the highest level of safety. The karts are the strongest and best in the business. The speed at which they run is chosen to provide the best challenge for the track layout.

The procedure is set up to get visitors onto the track as soon as feasible. Thanks to their kind team, every visitor will have a pleasant and safe experience. Our location is surrounded by various restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues, and they offer an outside pavilion space where the renter can conduct events.

To drive alone, you must be at least eight years old and 54 inches tall (single kart). A double kart with a driver at least 16 years old can accommodate passengers two years old.

About the Track

At Crofton Go Kart Raceway, the outdoor race circuit is half a mile long and has 20 tricky turns. Additionally, the track is built broad enough to make passing considerably simpler.

The track’s location amid a forest ensures a stunning and picturesque view as you race go-karts. For increased security, it also has floodlights and safety obstacles.

It’s possible to rent track. The charge to lease the track for an hour includes unlimited, exclusive usage of all 44 go-karts. Additional time costs $650. (time can be prorated). Exclusive track rental REQUIRES A RESERVATION AND DEPOSIT.


Crofton Go Kart Raceway offers a lengthy, thrilling go-kart circuit off Crain Highway. Only go-kart racing is permitted here, but you can also reserve the space for other activities.

This go-kart track is ideal for birthday parties, business events, and private gatherings. Around the track are picnic spaces and bleachers for a lovely day out with loved ones, friends, or even bigger groups.

Go Karts

Honda 200 cc 6.5 hp engines are used in go-karts. The Honda engine is appropriate for various heavy-duty uses, including industrial pumps, tillers, generators, welders, and construction equipment. This engine boasts a high power-to-displacement ratio and an OHV configuration that improves combustion efficiency.

It contains high-quality materials and purpose-built components that assure reliable, long-term use. Automatic decompression and an easy-to-grip soft recoil starter for a simple starting lever. Low fuel and oil consumption and decreased vibration and noise levels.

 Available double karts: Driver (must be at least 16 years rider), old (a minimum of 2 years old and ineligible to operate a single kart).

To drive alone, you must be at least eight years weighted and 54 inches tall (Single Kart).

Gas-powered Shaller go-karts of the formula one style have an output of 6.5 horsepower. You can expect an exhilarating kart racing experience with these Honda engines. Additionally, you can select between single- and two-seater go-karts.

Drivers of single-seater go-karts must be at least 54″ tall and eight years old, while two-seater go-karts must be at least sixteen. Two-seater kart passengers can be as young as two years old!

Food and Beverages

Crofton Go Kart Raceway regrettably lacks a cafe or restaurant. Snack and beverage vending machines, however, are stocked frequently. Additionally, you’ll be able to bring your food to eat at the picnic area. The facility is entirely outside. There are eight picnic tables on a covered patio, soda and water vending machines, bleachers, and other amenities.

Parties for birthdays are welcomed. No bookings or deposits are required (first come, first serve). The host is responsible for providing refreshments. Alcoholic beverages and cooking are not permitted. The picnic tables and bleachers are available for use by gatherings. The cost for birthday parties is $2.50 per lap.


The Crofton Go Kart Raceway is a well-run, welcoming facility. Rules and warning signs were prominently displayed throughout the facility, and safety was stressed. The music was blasted into the waiting area outside, and the cars were too loud for the passengers.

Take Away

Is karting challenging? It will ultimately depend on your individual goals, whether it is difficult or not. By all means, go for it if all you want to do is race as swiftly as you can around a track.

But you’ll need to put in much effort if you want to compete with other drivers and outrun your rivals.

Racing go-karts is an activity. It calls for a lot of athleticism, talent, and commitment. Some drivers have been polishing their driving techniques for years to become sports specialists, as you may observe at a go-kart track close to you.

During races, competitors start with adrenaline pumping through their veins and concentrate on crossing the finish line. Collaborating with colleagues during races also develops their leadership and teamwork abilities.

To excel in go-karting or any motorsport, drivers must be bold, courageous, and decisive.

The first thing to consider is picking the greatest go-karting circuit to advance your karting abilities.

To make your journey to go karting enjoyable, don’t forget to add Crofton Go kart Raceway to your list.

 The Crofton Go Kart Raceway is the perfect place for you! All ages will find the outdoor asphalt track with over 20 twists entertaining and challenging. For team-building purposes, you can make up your racing formats or put the pedal to the metal for a different kind of fun. Without taking a full day off an entire work or breaking the money, you may make it clear to your staff that you appreciate their commitment and hard work.