How to Choose an Electric Motor for Your Go Kart

Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Motor for Go-Kart

It would be best to use a few criteria to compare various types of electric motors for a go-kart. Doing so can help you find the most suitable motor for your application. Consider the following factors on how to choose an electric motor for your go-kart:

Output and Power

It is crucial to consider how much power your electric karts need and whether the motor can provide it. The efficiency of the model is an essential factor to think about. Go-kart motors come in a wide range of torque and speed, which you should test to see how well they perform.

A motor with more power output will propel your go-kart with more acceleration. Adult electric kart motors should ideally have power output between 2,000 and 3,000 watts. Motors in the 1,000 to the 2,000-watt range are often the best for mid-sized karts, such as youth karts or typical DIY go-karts. Anything with a power output of fewer than 1,000 watts is considered modest and is best suited for kid-sized or lightweight go-karts.

It would be best to remember that more production is not always better. In general, high-output motors are bulkier and need more powerful batteries. Try several motors until you find one with the optimal balance of power and go-kart weight since adding too much weight might slow you down.


The voltage of an electric motor is a measure of the force of its electrical current. It’s crucial because it determines the electrical current and speed, both of which are crucial to the electrical process. The standard voltage for go-kart electric motors is between 24 and 72 volts. The term “rated” suggests that the motor will function normally within specified parameters.

It’s also crucial that your motor’s voltage coincide with your battery’s. It is not efficient to power a high-voltage motor using lower-voltage batteries. Furthermore, utilising a higher voltage battery will shorten the motor’s lifetime.


You have an electric current if you have a circuit with electrons flowing across it. Current in an electric motor is expressed as many amperes. When a motor’s rated current increases, more electrons may flow through it, but more energy is also needed to power it.

For a more concrete example, picture a garden hose. Water itself would serve as the current, with voltage as the force that helps propel the water through the hose. A firm grasp of current will give you the knowledge necessary to calculate the optimal battery size for your go-kart motor.


Suppose you want your electric go-kart to function correctly. In that case, you must ensure its motor is compatible with all the other parts. Battery life and speed controllers are two of the most crucial monitoring parts. If you want your go-kart motor to run well, you need parts compatible.

Remember that the motor’s output must be proportional to the go-mass. Besides the vehicle’s mass, the driver’s weight must be factored in. It would be best not to put too much muscle into a kid-friendly go-kart. 

Battery specifications should be like those of the electric go-kart motor. To get the most performance out of the motor, you must ensure the rated voltage is the same as the battery. The same holds for the throttles. Make sure it’s compatible with your motor to avoid any performance issues.


You’ll find that some motors reviewed come with extras like hardware, tools, and speed controls. By purchasing an electric motor kit, you will have access to all necessary parts for assembly. Besides saving time, this will guarantee that your motor uses only fully compatible parts.

You may also choose to purchase a single motor instead of a kit if you have some experience with go-kart motors. Your ability to design and get your speed controller is enhanced. You want to have some control over the amount of customization. Therefore, you usually end up buying the necessary components. Go with a kit if you’re not acquainted with electric go-kart motors and you’re creating your DIY go-karts.


All the electric go-kart motors tested had a mounting bracket bolted to the bottom of the unit. The motor must be secured to the frame through a mounting bracket.

An electric motor for a go-kart or other recreational vehicle may be mounted on a special bracket. However, there are other electric motors that do not require a frame for installation. It’s up to you to either solder a bracket onto the motor or come up with another way to attach the motor to the go-kart chassis.


These days, you can get an electric motor for a go-kart for a relatively reasonable price. The strength of an electric motor is the primary factor in determining its cost. A go-kart motor’s output in watts is a standard metric to describe the motor’s strength.

Starter go-kart motors may be purchased for about $50, while more advanced models can cost up to $150. Motors for go-karts typically run between $75 and $125. Motor kits cost a little more than individual components since they include hardware, speed controls, and other equipment.

What Size Electric Motor Do I Need for My Go Kart?

Always keep the go-weight karts in mind while deciding on the size or power of your racing kart. As a rule, lightweight or kid-friendly go-karts should have motors with a lower wattage (350 to 800). Electric go-kart motors in the 1,000- to the 2,000-watt range are suitable for medium-sized or youth-sized vehicles. A larger engine of 2,000 watts or more is required for adult-sized go-karts or competitive kart racing.

What Types of Electric Go Kart Motors Are There?

Electric motor for go-kart is direct current (DC) and shaped and developed for recreational vehicles. Because of this, you can see that they work just well with scooters, ATVs, and bicycles. Thanks to its small size and the included mounting bracket, the motor can be quickly and attached to your racing kart.

Besides the electric motor, others might be used in your handmade go-kart. Electric motors from various household appliances, including washing machines, lawnmowers, and vacuum cleaners, have been spotted powering go-karts. Some may need to be altered since they are too big or lack the mounting brackets. It is suggested that you only use electric motors explicitly made for recreational vehicles.

Should I Only Get a Go-Kart Motor or a Kit?

Your level of confidence in finding suitable parts will determine the best course of action. For individual expression, I never buy a go-kart motor that comes as part of a kit but separately. To continue, you need to choose a suitable speed controller and battery voltage.

Rather than risk damaging your go-kart by using non-compatible electric parts, it’s best to get a motor kit. To put it simply, if you’re going to construct your go-kart, compatibility is crucial. An engine’s lifetime may be cut short, or perhaps destroyed entirely, if its parts aren’t compatible with one another. Both standalone motors and whole motor kits are available for your electric karts.

You can choose the perfect electric motor for a go-kart if you know how much power you need and have a certain budget. Considering the variety of available choices, careful investigation is required to choose the one that best meets your requirements.

The power output, voltage, and current of an electric motor are all crucial factors to consider on when picking one for your electric kart. You should also think about the go-kart’s weight and the kind of terrain you’ll be driving on. The suitable electric motor for racing kart may be determined after careful consideration of the aforementioned criteria on how to choose an electric motor for your go-kart.