Hoverboard Buying Guide Go Kart Accessories

Hoverkarts are essentially hoverboards that have been modified to include go-kart attachments. The attachment is an add-on that can be attached to the top of your hoverboard to transform it into a hoverboard go-kart, also known as a hover kart for short.

The attachment is also known as a conversion kit. Hoverkarting’s high level of entertainment value has contributed to the sport’s meteoric rise in popularity over the past few years. It is an innovative way to incorporate go-karting into day-to-day activities without physically traveling to a track.

You only need a simple and affordable attachment to get started with hover-karting. Riders of any age or stature have the potential to have a good time on it. Your hoverboard can easily be transformed into a go-kart thanks to the wide variety of attachments currently on the market.

Make sure that you consider everything significant to you in the decision-making process. You can also look up additional information on the internet if anything is unclear to you or if you require further assistance.

Considerations Before Buying Hoverboard Go Kart Kits

Finding a hoverboard go-kart conversion kit that meets all your needs can be challenging. Some hover-kart features are essential.

In the best-case scenario, you track down some go-kart add-on. To what extent you’re pleased with your purchase depends on how much time and effort you put into studying the product.


Hoverboard go-karts come in many sizes and shapes, with many unique designs. The steering mechanism of most hover karts is located up high. Each side of a hoverboard typically features a handle for turning. Go-kart conversion kits also mount the hoverboard in the middle or front, allowing for hand or foot steering.

Back Steering

Most hover karts have side-mounted handlebars for steering. Moving both handlebars forward moves the hover kart. The kart can be turned around by pressing both brake pedals simultaneously. To turn, you drop one handlebar. Hoverboard go-karts with handlebars are a breeze to drive.

Mid & Front Steering

Some hoverboard attachments require mounting in the middle or front. Steering will be accomplished with a pair of vertical handlebars on either side of the central board. Having the board centered means using vertical grips as your steering controls on either side. If the hoverboard is mounted in front, steering is done with handlebars or up-and-down foot movements.


The comfort level during travel is affected by design elements, the tires’ dimensions and materials, and the damping mechanisms’ effectiveness. The polymers used to make hover kart seats also make them so lightweight. The addition of padding to a chair can significantly enhance the user experience. Putting this together shouldn’t be difficult.

Some hoverboard go-karts have a suspension system and rubber tires to absorb bumps. If comfort is more important than speed, choose a spring-suspension hover kart conversion kit.


The hoverboard-to-hover kart conversion is convenient. Most kits fit 6.5″ to 10″ hoverboards (16.5 cm to 25.4 cm). Kids’ hoverboards have 6.5″ wheels and teens’ 8″. Adult hoverboards have 10″ wheels. Check the product specifications to see if your hoverboard is compatible. Check the product page for compatibility with your hoverboard. You can choose a hoverboard and attachments if you don’t have one.


Most go-kart attachments have an adjustable support bar. All riders can customize the hoverboard go-length. Kart’s If you’re under 6.5′ (1.98 m), you should fit in any of the above hover karts. Check the product page or with the manufacturer if you’re unsure about your height.


A hoverboard go-kart conversion kit includes a steering mechanism, seat, frame, footrest, and mounting system. Many hover karts offer upgrades if you want more features.


Do you customize gadgets? If so, buy an attachment that lets you easily swap out components you want to upgrade or already have customizations. One, two, or four bolts are used to secure the seat to the frame. Adding padding to the original seat is an option. Padded grips for the handlebars are another standard upgrade. Check the product specs for technical details if you want to upgrade your hover kart.


Go-kart hoverboard attachments cost $60 to $120. You can convert your hoverboard into a mini go-kart at that price. Hoverboards cost $100 to $200. Your budget is personal. You can choose a basic, midrange, or high-end setup. Example pricing:

  •         Hoverboard ($100) + Go kart conversion kit ($60) = $160 at the entry level.
  •         Hoverboard ($150) + Go kart conversion kit ($90) = $240 at the mid-level.
  •         Hoverboard ($200) + Go kart conversion kit ($120) = $320 at the high end.


Hoverkart aesthetics are entirely up to you. Conversion kits for hovercrafts are available in a rainbow of hues and styles. Find something that agrees with your sense of style and makes you feel lovely.

Reviews of Hoverboard Go Kart Attachments

Hoverkart conversion kits are widely available. The cut ones were evaluated on many criteria, including how well they work with hoverboards, how many features they offer, how simple it is to set up, and how well they’re made.

Segway Ninebot Hoverboard Attachment

One of the best hoverboard attachments is the Segway Ninebot. Your hoverboard can quickly become a go-kart with the addition of a simple accessory. It takes 3 minutes to convert. Those 4’3″ to 6’5″ in height won’t have trouble finding comfortable seating.

Attaching it to a Ninebot S hoverboard creates a go-kart racing experience. In addition to its sturdy, transportable frame, it also features a mechanical handbrake.

An intelligent app lets you control the go-kart hoverboard attachment. Several variants support 2400W to 4800W total power. Check which models include a hoverboard. Segway Ninebot Hoverboard Attachment is unmatched.

Hover-1 Falcon Conversion Kit

The Hover-1 Falcon Conversion Kit quickly converts your hoverboard into a hover kart. Take it out of the box and attach it to the back with Velcro. This attachment fits all hoverboard sizes. It has an adjustable leg bar and LED Turbo lights.

Handlebars are used for control. Padded side grips improve the convenience of use: incredibly short turning radius, that hover kart. The plastic bucket seat is adjustable, and the side panels prevent falls. It also has a footrest above the wheel. Overall, the HoovyKart is a high-quality and convenient hoverboard attachment.

HYPER GOGO Hoverboard Attachment

The HYPER GOGO Hoverboard Go Kart Attachment gives you an authentic go-kart racing experience. It includes everything you need to make a hoverboard go-kart.

The simple and quick installation gives you a suspension system, shock absorbers, front and reverse acceleration with head levers, and built-in disc brakes. This hoverboard go-kart kit has an adjustable frame. Kids and adults can ride it easily.

The HYPER GOGO Hoverboard Go Kart Attachment kit converts your hoverboard into a go-kart. Red, black, and white are your color options.

EverCross Hoverboard Kit

EverCross Hoverboard Kit is similar to the Hover-1 Falcon conversion kit in that it’s quick to install and compatible with all 6.5″ to 10″ hoverboards (16.5 cm to 25.4 cm). It supports riders up to 220 lbs (99.8 kg) and is suitable for all ages. Adjustable height from 31″ to 44.5″.

There are two padded handlebars, one on each side. This plastic seat in the shape of a bucket is quite accommodating. With this hoverboard conversion kit’s movable handlebars, riders of varying heights can enjoy the experience. Overall, a great kit. It has a hip-hop pattern and other designs.

YYAO Hoverboard Kit

The YYAO Hoverboard Kit attaches to hoverkarts. It has a steel frame and two large ball-bearing wheels. Sitting high on the seat, you steer directly with a handlebar.

The ride height is higher than other hoverboard go-kart attachments because it has larger wheels and an elevated seat. This position feels natural while riding. Comfortable bike-style seat. The bench is simple to take out and put back in.

It can support 400 lbs and be adjusted from 4.2′ to 6.2′, making it suitable for any rider. The YYAO Hoverboard kit is foldable and easy to transport.

ULIKEIT Hoverboard

The ULIKEIT Hoverboard Seat Attachment transforms your hoverboard into a hover kart instantly. It fits most hoverboards and is attached to Velcro.

The handlebars are the perfect height for steering. Choose from 5 colors and adjust the middle bar. It’s suitable for all ages and supports 220 lbs (99.8 kg).

The ULIKEIT Hoverboard Seat Attachment is a quick-to-install, fun kit for all ages.

KKA Hoverboard Kit

Easy-to-install KKA Hoverboard Kit converts hoverboards to hover karts. The attachment is 80% assembled and needs bolts from the owner’s manual.

This kit fits hoverboards 6.5″ to 10″ (16.5 cm to 25.4 cm) and is mounted using 2 Velcro straps. Two extra Velcro strips are included in case the originals wear out.

This hover-kart kit can be adjusted for kids, teens, and adults. It’s an easy-to-assemble hoverboard go-kart kit.

Jetson JetKart 2.0 Attachment

Jetson JetKart 2.0 Attachment has dual-side suspension. The spring suspension ensures a comfortable ride and absorbs shocks with a large, knobby front tire. This levels the hover cart.

The bucket seat provides good lumbar support. Taller drivers may find it challenging to steer the hoverboard go-kart due to the high seating position and low steering handlebars.

With low-positioned handlebars, it’s recommended for kids and youths.

Hiboy HC-01 Hoverboard Attachment

Hiboy HC-01 Hoverboard Attachment is another excellent conversion kit. Clamps adjust the hover kart attachment’s length. This means you can set the size to exactly what you want.

It’s great for girls and boys because it comes in 4 colors and seat designs. The front tire is also rubber and is level with the hoverboard. The front wheel felt flimsy but did its job.

Hover-1 Ultra Hoverkart Kit

The Hover-1 Ultra Hoverkart Kit turns your hoverboard into a hover kart. It’s minimalist with a padded seat. The seat is low, but the backrest is height adjustable.

The hover kart’s length is adjustable. Even on paved roads, the small front wheel absorbs little impact. Instead of a traditional bar, the front has a footrest.

Overall, its lightweight construction lacks features, but it works as a hoverboard go-kart attachment.