Five Best Live Axle Kits for Go Karts

Axles are the shafts that go between the back wheels of a go-kart and keep everything turning. Because the whole rear axle is spinning at the same rate, a live axle can distribute the same power to both wheels. The speed and acceleration of a go-kart are greatly enhanced with live axles.

With a live axle kit, you can get everything you need to get your go-karts up and running. If you’re fabricating your go-kart or upgrading the rear axle on an existing vehicle, you’ll find this to be an invaluable resource. Check out some of the top-rated live axle kits for go-karts.

ZXTDR Live Axle Kit

The ZXTDR Live Axle Kit is the finest option available. There are also the necessary components for putting a live axle in your go-kart so that you may drive it like an actual vehicle.

A live axle, T8F sprocket, brake disc, and two pillow block bearings are all included. 

The most extended section of the shaft is 22mm (0.866″) thick, and the axle as a whole is 740mm (29-1/8′′) in length. The ZXTDR Live Axle Kit works with 3-lug 6-inch wheel bolt patterns. It’s a fantastic choice for anybody making their go-kart.

MotorFansClub Live Axle Kit                     

If you’re putting together your go-kart or need to replace the axle on your current one, the MotorFansClub Live Axle Kit is another fantastic choice. A large number of parts for your go kart are included in this package.

There is a sprocket, two pillow blocks, a sprocket, a brake disk, and brake components. High-quality steel is used across the board, and all parts are fully interchangeable. Overall, the live axle measures 80cm (31.49″). It also comes with a T8F sprocket and chain that are the correct size for the live axle.

TDPRO Live Axle Kit   

If you want to replace the live axle in your go-kart or construct a new one from scratch, the Live Axle Kit TDPRO is an excellent choice. It also has everything you need to set up and run the axle.

The live axle package consists of the axle, a braking system, a sprocket with 58 teeth, a disk brake, and two pillow blocks. Axle dimensions are as follows: length 740mm (29 1/8′′), width 22mm (0.866′′). Wheels up to around 6 inches in diameter should fit well. A roller chain is required but is not supplied.

BMI Karts Live Axle Kit   

BMI is well-known as a major distributor and reseller of go-kart components in the USA. The BMI Live Axle Kit not only comprises the essential components but is built from high-quality materials.

This live axle kit includes a live axle, three aluminum racing hubs, a sprocket, a #40 chain, assembly hardware, two pillow blocks, and a go-kart clutch. As you can see, this is one of the most comprehensive axle kits available, making it ideal for building your go-kart. Remember that we didn’t throw in a set of brakes with this.

WPHMOTO Live Axle Kit

The last pick for the finest live axle kit for go-karts is the WPHMOTO offering. To assemble your go-kart, this kit is ideal. Everything you need to put a live axle in your kart is included in this kit.

The package includes two pillow blocks, a sprocket, a brake disk, and a live axle. Axle length is 740mm (29 1/8′′), and breadth is 22mm (0.866′′). To sum up, the WPHMOTO Live Axle Kit is the best option for building your go-kart.

Buying Guide for Live Axle Kits

A quality live axle kit will come with everything you need to get the job done. Think about how you’ll use it, what materials and construction quality it has, what’s included in the kit, whether it’ll work with other parts, and how much it will cost.


Because go-karts don’t have differentials, the live axle is the best choice for constructing your own. The excellent news is that go-karts may use the live axle kits reviewed above.

Live Axles for Off-Road Go Karts

It’s essential to have a solid live axle when constructing or repairing one on an off-road go-kart. Off-road go-karts are often heavier than racing go-karts. Therefore the live axle must be beefed up to handle the extra load.

Choose a live axle at least 35 inches in length and 1 inch in width. To avoid damaging your go-kart, check the axle’s length to ensure adequate room for the tires and wheels.

Live Axles for Racing Go Karts

If you’re upgrading the live axle kit on your go-kart or building your own from scratch, lightweight and compact components are a must. In contrast to their off-road counterparts, racing go-karts are designed to be as powerful and lightweight as possible.

Therefore, you should go for a shorter live axle, which is less than 35 inches long and has a width of 1 inch or less. If you want to fit your wheels comfortably, you’ll need to ensure the axle is long enough. Too much length in the live axle is another thing to avoid.


Because they must support the kart’s weight as it travels over the pillow blocks, go-kart live axles are constructed from robust steel. Because of this, steel is the material of choice for go-kart axles.

Steel is used for other parts of a live axle system, such as the pillow blocks, bearings, and axle hardware. Race hubs, for example, are a specialized kind of wheel hub that is often seen on bicycles.


Live axle kits for go-karts include the live axle and other components. Packages like this include everything you need to set up and run a live axle. As a result, pillow blocks and other axle hardware are widely available. Because the kit’s center hole diameter must match the live axle, sprockets and brake disks are occasionally supplied.

A wide variety of live axle kits are available, each with its own set of parts. A live axle, assembly hardware, and two pillow blocks with bearings are examples of components that are used repeatedly. Extra features, such as a chain, brake disk, assembly, sprocket, and clutch, are sometimes included with live axle kits.


A go-kart live axle kit is only as good as its parts, so check their compatibility before buying. The kit components are designed to work together, but you should still double-check that they suit your go-kart.

Since you’re swapping out the go-original kart’s live axle, this is crucial. Search for a kit that includes simply the axle with pillow blocks if you need to replace a live axle on your existing go kart. To avoid replacing the sprocket and brake disk, check that the axle dimensions (length and width) are the same as your current excel.

When designing and constructing your go-kart, you have greater leeway in aesthetics and performance. In such a situation, getting a comprehensive live axle system that leaves you with few parts to track down separately is best. An essential live axle kit should suffice if you already own a sprocket and braking system.


The cost of a live axle kit rises and falls with the components it contains, the brand name, and the quality of the materials used to make it. Most live axle kits are between $120 and $200. The cheaper live axle kits will have the essentials, while the more expensive ones will have additional options.

Are All Live Axle Kits the Same?

To be sure, that is not always the case. Live axles are often manufactured to a set of standards, and depending on the manufacturer, you may see either metric or imperial units of measurement used. For this reason, the width and diameter of various axles may range from 22mm (0.866″) to 1″. (25.4mm).

The length of an axle and the number of components in a given kit are two examples of how much variety there is. Kits for live axles may vary greatly; some will only include the basics, while others will have everything from brakes to a sprocket and chain.

Take Away

What should I look for when purchasing a live axle kit? It all depends on the go-kart you’re using. When purchasing a live replacement axle, check to see that it matches the original in every way possible. If not, many adjustments or replacements will need to be made before the new axle can be installed.

Choose a live axle kit appropriate for the go-intended kart’s use. A more extensive and robust live axle kit is recommended for off-road use, while racing go-karts may use a smaller, lighter option.