A Must Have Jeep Go Karts


Durability, adjustability, safety, speed, and technology are a few factors to consider when purchasing a go-kart for you or your child. You may look for a cheap, tiny go-kart with a distinctive design to give to your young child, or you want a robust and high-quality vehicle for yourself so that you can engage in some thrilling drifting. No matter what you’re looking for, you have access to various excellent choices.

Are you looking for a fantastic jeep go-kart experience? Then it would be best if you tried these jeep go-karts. We have featured some jeep go-karts that may suit your go-kart experiences. You can look at some technical specifications that you think can make your go-kart experience enjoyable.

Coolster 6125A Mini Jeep Go Kart, Willis Style 125cc

The windshield, spare tire, gas can, and chrome rims are all included. No clutch. Just shift and go.

A 125cc go-kart with jump-starting the engine electrically. This device has a battery. It has a semi-automatic transmission, which means it has three gears but no clutch, including a windshield, a spare tire, and a gas can. It has chromed aluminum wheels.

 It’s pre-assembled to about 80% completion. Please note that shipping is on the house. Customers who opt for pickup have the option of assembling their purchases.

Price: $2,799.00

Technical specifications:

The engine is a 125cc, type air-cooled, single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine. The maximum allowable torque is 8.0Nm at 5,500 revs per minute (Nmermin * 500). There is a maximum of 5.7 kilowatts (or 7 500 revolutions per minute) of horsepower. 56.5mm bore and 49.5mm stroke. Spark plugs: CDI ignition system.

An electric starter activates them. The battery is a 12V 5Ah unit that provides energy. To a certain extent, the clutch operates automatically. Chain and foot power the transmission. Wheel cylinders and hydraulic discs are the front and rear brakes, respectively. The tire’s front and back are 18×7.00×8 (4-10 psi) and 18×7.00×8 (4-10 psi).

Quantity of Oil or Gasoline Used as Fuel. Model: 90 lb./ 4 liters (10 lb./ 10 liters with optional tank). The gross and net weights total 206 kilograms and 167 kilograms, respectively. The height of the car’s wheelbase is 1180 millimeters—a 2020 mm x 1125 mm x 1170 mm sized object. The seat height is 605mm. A minimum of 90mm clearance is required to avoid scraping the bottom.

Mini Jeep 125cc Go Kart, 3-speed with Reverse, New Rear Mounted Engine

Everybody adores this well-liked Jeep Go Kart. A 125cc 4-stroke electric-start engine is positioned on the back, as is a semi-automatic 3-speed transmission with reverse, an updated complete suspension, painted decals, bucket seats, a windshield, a gas canister, and a spare tire. It works with turn signals, brake lights, headlights, and a speedometer.

Technical specifications:

It has a single-cylinder, four-stroke internal combustion engine that uses air conditioning or ventilation for cooling—propelled using a chain and piston displacement of 123 cc—a bore and stroke of 2.06 mm by 2.24 mm. The compression ratio is 9.0:1, and the maximum power is 6.3/7500kw/r/min with a maximum torque is 8.8 ft-lb (550 nm).

A motor that starts electrically and has a three-speed auto that also reverses. Size: 78.7 “Dimensions are 29.1 inches tall and 35.4 inches wide. Altitude of the set: 23.60 “. 51.2 “wheelbase. Clearance: 9.8 inches “. Aluminum alloy wheels. The front tires are 18×7-8s. There are 18×7-8 rear tires. Kick-off CDI. Its top speed is 38 mph Net weight is 330 pounds.

To put it another way, gross weighs in at a hefty 364. A battery with a voltage of 12 volts and an amp-hour rating of 4. Stainless steel inside and out. There is 1.06 gallons worth of fuel in the tank.

Safari 200 Buggy Jeep Go Kart, Auto, Reverse, Lights, Alloy Wheels

It features a powerful 177cc 4-stroke,oil-cooled single-cylinder engine with an electric start. Some bonus features include aluminum alloy wheels, full hydraulic disc brakes, safety harnesses, and overhead lights.

Technical specifications:

It has a four-stroke engine and is oil-cooled, with a maximum speed of 37 miles per hour. It’s automatic and features reverse gear. Process for jumpstarting development at CDI. Battery 12V 9AH, CDI ignition system. An individually operated front suspension.

This vehicle has a swing arm for the rear suspension. There are hydraulic disc brakes in both the front and the back. Front tires are 21×7.00-10 size, and the rear tires are 22×11.00-10.

New Vitacci Jeep GR-2 125cc, 154Fmi, Xinyuan 3-Speed With Reverse

Vitucci Jeep Gr-2 125cc go-kart, sold in crates at Arlington Powersports, comes with a 1-year warranty at a lower price than the competition. And they’ll deliver it to your doorstep at no extra cost. Arlington Powersports is a legit business selling thousands of power sports vehicles.

Technical specifications:

The engine is a single cylinder, air-cooled, 4-stroke, and 125cc in displacement. Nm/s (newton-meters per second) = 8.0 The maximum torque is five hundred. 5.7 kW (7,500 RPM)/500 maximum horsepower. Specify 56.5 mm or 49.5 mm as your boundary size. Begin CDI Launch. The engine has an electric starter. A 12V, 5Ah battery powers it.

It has an automatic clutch replacement foot and chain drive. There is a hydraulic hub in the front and back brakes. The tires measure 18x7x8 in front and back, inflated to a pressure of 4-10 psi. To what extent is the oil used as a fuel? With the optional extra tank, the capacity increases to 10 liters.

The wheelbase is 1180 millimeters long and has a mass of 206 kilograms gross and 167 kilograms net. Metric dimensions are 2020 x 1125 x 1170 millimeters. Average Seat Height: 605 mm. Lowest possible ground clearance: 90 mm.

New RPS Jeep 125cc (TK125JP-8A) 154FMI, Xinyuan 3-Speed With Reverse

Technical specifications:

Single-cylinder, 4-stroke, semi-automatic, 125-cc engine. Three-speed transmission with reverse gear. Conventional Discharge Ignition (CDI) mode of ignition. Method of ignition: electric starter. The ultimate means of communication is the chain. With a height above ground level of 90 mm. Battery-12V, 5AH. The fuel tank can hold up to 7 liters of gas.

The front tires are 18×7-8, and the back tires are also 18×7-8. As for the front brakes, they are hydraulic disc brakes. The back brakes are hydraulic disc brakes. In millimeters, the dimensions are as follows: 2100 x 1050 x 880. They have it in burgundy, black, army green, and green camouflage.

The length of the vehicle’s wheelbase is 1280 millimeters. This vehicle has a gross weight of 185 kg. The GVW of the vehicle is 224 kg. It can carry up to 180 kilograms in weight.