A Closer Look At Lamborghini Go Kart

The Lamborghini go-kart offers several beneficial characteristics, including an electric engine that can reach high speeds, a battery that can last for a long time, and an authentic design. It can travel at a top speed of 40 kph, has tires intended for drifting, a durable frame, a collapsible layout, a height-adjustable seat, and four different speed options.

The Segway-Ninebot collaboration was responsible for the production of the most affordable Lamborghini ever produced. The new Lamborghini electric go-kart is not designed to be driven on public roads but is meant for usage exclusively on racetracks. The new electric go-kart jointly developed by Lamborghini and Segway-Ninebot is being marketed under Ninebot GoKart Pro Lamborghini Edition.

Since you obviously can’t drive the Lamborghini Edition electric go-kart on public roads, you’ll have to figure out another means to get to the racetrack to compete with it. Instead, it can be folded up to take up much less room in a car when it’s not in use.

There are structural and aesthetic similarities between the Ninebot Go Kart Kit and the Lamborghini Edition. Still, the latter is twice as fast, has a Lamborghini-inspired design and an actual emblem, and completely revolutionizes the genre of electric go-kart racing. Let’s look at this more closely first.

A Guide To Lamborghini Go Kart


The Ninebot Lamborghini Go Kart boasts several incredible upgrades and great technical specs. A 900-watt electric motor. The batteries are lithium-ion. Because of its 432Wh battery capacity, it can travel more than 15 miles before needing to recharge. The whole thing is 559 inches long, 335.5 inches wide, and 236.2 inches high. The kart weighs 113 pounds (51.2 kg). Drivers may not exceed 220 pounds in weight (100 kg). The color of the kart is yellow.


Impressively fast for a lightweight electric go-kart, the Ninebot Go Kart Pro Lamborghini Edition can attain a maximum speed of 40 kph. A great thing about this go-kart is its adjustable speeds, making it suitable for riders of varying ages. In this case, you can alter the speed to:

  •  Five miles per hour (eight kilometers per hour) in Eco Mode
  • Speeds of 11 mph (18 km/h) are possible in Strada mode.
  • Sport Mode’s top speed is 17 mph (28 km/h).
  • The speed limit in Corsa Mode is 25 mph (40 km/h).

It has a powerful electric motor that can produce 1.02g of maximum longitudinal acceleration thanks to its air-cooled 900W engine. So, to put it plainly, what does this mean? This kart can reach incredible speeds. The large internal 432 Wh battery runs this air-cooled motor. Furthermore, four air ducts keep the battery from getting too hot to use effectively.

The 15.5-mile range means you can go for longer rides without worrying about running out of juice. That’s the same as running over 15 laps around a mile-long track or 62 laps around a 1/4-mile track. Wow, that’s incredible.

Build Quality

The Ninebot Go Kart Pro Lamborghini Edition’s robust metal chassis can carry a driver weight of up to 220 pounds (100 kg). As a result of this, both children and adults can take pleasure in riding in it.

One of the best features of the go-kart is that it can be collapsed into a smaller size and put away relatively quickly. This makes it very practical because it can be placed in any car’s trunk or on the backseat of any vehicle.

Go-kart dimensions are as follows: 559 inches in length, 335.5 inches in width, and 236.2 inches in height, which gives it a relatively small footprint. In addition, the size of the go-kart is tiny, which is smaller, making it more durable overall.

Steering & Controls

The design of this electric go-racing-inspired kart takes inspiration from the Lamborghini, which makes the steering wheel, which also takes inspiration from the Lamborghini, easy to use. The Ackermann steering gear offers several extra benefits, including increased responsiveness and a smaller turning radius.

In addition, the speed, current gear, and speed setting are displayed on an LCD panel in the center of the steering wheel. The vehicle’s speed and brakes are controlled by two pedals positioned quite handily. Additionally, adding to the enjoyment of driving the Lamborghini kart is the fact that it is equipped with superior tires.

The rear tires have enough grip to allow sliding, yet they are also quick enough for racing. The front tires were constructed out of high-traction rubber, improving the vehicle’s stability and handling.


This go-kart does a fantastic job at making its passengers feel at ease. Padding on the side of these premium bucket seats all the way around. This improves your safety and security when driving and the level of comfort you have while doing so.

Additionally, the height of the driver’s seat, steering wheel, and hand brake may all be adjusted. Because of this, your time spent racing will be less stressful because you won’t have to juggle your belongings to get to the required components.

The smooth and comfortable ride is partly attributed to the high-quality rubber tires. Although it is designed to perform best on paved surfaces, such as racetracks, it can tackle somewhat more challenging terrain with relatively little effort. Because of this, it is appropriate for on-track competition but not for off-road competition.


The Ninebot Go Kart Lamborghini version has built-in safety features for added peace of mind. The path in front of the vehicle is visible due to the bright LED light. It can be adjusted to a difficulty suitable for the driver’s age, thanks to its four different speeds, which is another fantastic safety feature.

The kart’s top speed of 25 miles per hour (40 kilometers per hour) is reserved for the most experienced drivers. In comparison, the Eco Mode tops out at 5 miles per hour (8 kilometers per hour), the Strada Mode at 11 miles per hour (18 kilometers per hour), the Sport Mode at seventeen miles per hour (28 kilometers per hour), and the Corsa Mode at a speed of 25 mph (40 kilometers per hour).

In addition, the Lamborghini go-kart features safety belts installed in each seat, so the driver cannot move around freely. Adjustments can be made to the harness to fit younger racers and adults.

Additional Features

The Ninebot Go Kart Pro Lamborghini Edition is equipped with various optional add-ons. In addition to those tasks, it also features Bluetooth connectivity, which enables users to monitor the remaining battery life and alter the vehicle’s speed accordingly.

You can also listen to the fantastic V12 engine sound of a genuine Lamborghini by using the speakers that are already incorporated inside the vehicle. Though, this is not everything that there is! Examples of some of the additional functions include the following::

  • Bucket seats with safety belts and padding are standard.
  • Put on your safety belt.
  • This indicates speed and mode.
  • Handbrake
  • Luminescent diode (LED) headlights
  •  Rubberized tires
  • Wing on the rear bumper
  •  Official insignia


You may wonder if the Ninebot Go Kart Pro Lamborghini Edition is a good ride with all its fancy features. A thunderous “YES” is the correct response. It’s quick enough for a thrilling racing experience and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

In addition, it’s excellent because it can connect with people of all ages. This go karts adjustable seat, easy handling, excellent steering, comfortable seating, and several speed settings make it suitable for kids, teens, and adults to race.


To begin, let’s discuss how it was put together. The fact that Lamborghini helped design this electric go-kart guarantees that it will look great, and it does.

In addition to being available in the classic Lamborghini yellow, it bears the actual Lamborghini emblem. It looks just like a real V12 Lamborghini supercar, which is to say, it’s sleek and beautiful.

The combination of the front and rear spoilers with the matte black accents creates an intimidating appearance. These accents stand out dramatically against the glossy yellow paint.

Where To Get Lamborghini Go Karts?

The Ninebot x Lamborghini go-kart was a limited-edition promotional item unavailable in all stores. You may find this go-kart in plenty on several internet markets and classifieds such as eBay, Craiglist, Facebook Marketplace, and Offerup.

You have to google “Lamborghini Go Kart for sale,” and you’ll get a list of places to buy one. Most stores don’t have them, so you might have to buy a used one. Limited edition electric go-karts may be expensive, but rest assured that they are well worth the investment.